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These are a few of the various things I hacked up (customized) over the years. Personalization that goes back to Laverne and Shirley and putting a Cursive L on everything, so to speak.

The first PC I hacked up was a Commodore 64 that I put in a custom case with an extended keyboard I wired myself, had multiple cartridges that could be switched in, burned my own hacker/cracker ROM for it.

Memes-Hacks : 5 items


I updated the Memes section. Life is short, why not mock it?
Memes : AnimalsArroganceBLMBrancoCOVIDClimateClocksEconEducationFeedbackFoodFunnyGunsInspirationalIsmsIssuesLawsLogicMediaMilitaryMineMoviesMovies2MusicOrganizationsPeoplePlacesPoliticsPranksRacyReligionSatireScienceSeasonalSportsStar WarsWoke
Really just a collection of things I drew, illustrated or borrowed and altered (real artists steal).