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This covers a pretty wide swath of issues, parties and agendas.

Memes-Libertarian : 12 items

This lists a series of meme's about the DNC (Democratic National Committee): note the goal is not always "fairness", this is more tit-for-tat, and if they're going to complain about the mote in their brothers eye, this is looking at the log in their own.

Memes-DNC : 69 items
Memes-RNC : 18 items

Memes about Socialism. You know that thing that's never been tried, every time it's been tried and failed?

Memes-Socialism : 42 items

Memes about Fascism, National Socialism or Democratic National Socialism.

Memes-Fascism : 19 items

Memes about anti-fascism (or antifa), which is really just another name for fascism, if only they were knew enough history to recognize themselves in the mirror.

Memes-Antifa : 49 items