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This has some examples of Propaganda meme's that are popular, like those from US Uncut (the "Opposite of America") series. But ThinkProgress, MoveOn, OccupyDemocrats all use the same disinformation that is black propaganda. Despite claims that they're "grass roots", they are astroturf: sponsored directly or supported by Soros organizations. Memes-Propaganda : 8 items


Basics of Propaganda: understanding differences between white, black and grey propaganda.
I use the meaning:

  • white = you were just telling your sides story (your spin),
  • grey = telling your sides story with lies of omissions (to make your side look better)
  • black = are you adding in direct and known falsehoods and misrepresentation to sell your sides agenda (actively misrepresenting things).



📚 References

US Uncut: If you read the fine print, they admit the quotes are made-up, "it’s not too different than the Onion. We aren’t trying to fool anyone and we don’t use fake quotes on anything else". The conceps they are promoting are more dishonest. They regularly deceive the left/gullible that don't know better! RARE and others have been debunking them as fast as they can, but it's hard to keep ahead of bullshit: