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Transphobia literally means the unreasonable fear towards all trans-people. What it does not mean is what the left is trying to corrupt the term into: any dislike or prejudice of any trans person or policy. Someone not liking any perv being able to claim they associate as a woman to use the bathroom with their little girls or wives is not necessarily transphobic. Nor is one that has a problem with M2F trans athletes destroying Women's sports necessarily a transphobe. There's nuances and complexities that are beyond the willingness of activists to explore, when you give them the cudgel of political correctness and a hate-label.
  1. I love and respect my gay/trans friends and family, a lot.
  2. I don't care how people get their friction, and I expect God has higher priorities than where people rub their junk.
  3. My religious friends have as much right to express their views on others behaviors as my gay and progressive friends do.
  4. My LGBT Friends and Fam are proud adults that can defend themselves (they don't need condescending protection).
  5. Those that can't handle triggering thoughts, need to get out more, grow, and learn to cope with a society that won't always agree with them.