Mexican American Descrimination

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In many places in American, like California you find that Mexican Americans (legal or illegal), tend to stay in Mexican American communities -- little pockets where the signs and culture is more like a Mexican ex=pat community than America. L.A. and the Bay Area are especially known for this. Whereas if you look at some other places like Texas, you find that Mexicans are everywhere -- far more integration and mixing. And successes as in running large businesses, CEO's, and other executives. Or as I say to irk some coastal bigots, "In Texas, mexicans aren't just for picking and preparing your food, or doing your cleaning and gardening". They are often offended that I'm exposing the bigotry in places where the left dominates the culture.


That's not to say there aren't Mexican enclaves in Texas: there are. Heck, the culture dominates some cities (especially border towns like Brownsville). But Tejas was briefly part of Mexico -- but even while it was an independent nation and longer as a State, the Mexican culture and Texas culture borrowed and influenced each other, back and forth. Texas originated foods we think are Mexican include Margarita's, Tapatio sauce, Queso, Chile Con Carne, Chimichangas and most Taco's: Fajita's, Crispy shell, Four Tortilla's, with cheese or sour cream -- are all from Texas. Some things like Taco Salad, Lime in Corona's and Burrito's likely originated in California.

🗒️ NOTE:
From 1821 (Mexican independence from Spain) until 1835 (Texas's independence), Texas was a Mexican territory. Of course while it was part of Mexico for 14 years, it was an independent nation for 10 years, and has been part of the United States for 175 years. This makes people that think Texas (or other parts of America) as "stolen" from the Mexicans deliciously ignorant. It's like they don't know that Mexicans in Texas have virtually always been treated better than Mexicans in Mexico.


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