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  • Micheal Moore has stated his goal is to remove Bush from office (at any cost).
  • He is quoted as saying that "Americans are stupid".
  • He has attacked any leader or people that have cooperated with Bush (and thus America)
  • He told the Italians that they should overthrow their government for supporting America.
  • He has stated that capitalism is "diabolical"; and is a self-stated socialist.
  • Accused of Rape by 4 underage girls. [1]
  • Dateline did a show that demonstrated that the whole first half of Moore's movie was lie.
  • Moore claimed there were ties between Bush and the Bin Ladens, and how the Saudi's were given special privilege and flights out while the rest of the nation was still grounded, and they were never even interviewed by the FBI. Dateline showed that that the Bin Ladens flew a week after the flight-ban was lifted, and that they left fearing for their lives, after the FBI had interviewed them (multiple times), but there was no reason to hold them (and the Family had disowned Osama a decade before and had little or no contact with him). There was no reason to hold them, and there was nothing legal the Bush administration could have done if they wanted; unless he wanted to illegally suspend habeus corpus (like FDR and Lincoln did) and start an international incident. Moore was a liar, and when confronted with it, he attacks or dodges.
  • The second half of Moore's film was dedicated to the premise that congressmen had sent your children to the war in Iraq, but they wouldn't send their own. The facts are that many congressmen have children that are in the military and over there, so once again, Michael Moore is a liar.
  • Bill Orielly had an interview with Moore, and went after the premise that "Bush was a liar and said that Iraq had WMD's". Bill asked him the main point; If France's Intelligence, Englands Intelligence, Russian Intelligence, German Intelligence and American Intelligence all said that the Iraqi's had WMD's, and Bob Woodard's journalism showed there was no conspiracy to misinform the public, and separate investigations (like the 9/11 comission) in all those countries cleared their intelligence agencies and Bush of bad-faith (lying), then how was Bush lying to the American people and doesn't Micheal Moore owe Bush and the American people and apology? (Also noting that Bill Clinton, Kerry and other democrats had been cutting intelligence spending and setting up the situation in the first place, and they both thought there were WMD's as well). When Bill asked if Michael Moore would have done the same with the information at hand, Michael Moore wouldn't cave to overwhelming evidence and facts, he spit more venom and dodged, ignored the points, and attacked. He's stated that there was no good done in Iraq (fallacy), he would NOT have gone into Afghanistan preemptively (an idiot), but if he had, he would have gone into Pakistan to get Osama Bin Laden (a lie and act of war), and blamed Bush for not doing more, while doing too much at the same time.
  • Moore stated there were no acceptable conditions for a preemtive war against anyone that didn't pose an immediate threat to us (except Pakistan because they are our ally, or any that Democrats brought us into like Kosovo, Libya, etc). So when presented with WWII Germany argument he made excuses why that was OK (even though Germany posed no immediate threat to us), and so on. Then went on to say he would have attacked them before Hitler ever got to power or took over Austria or Poland in the first place. (Ignoring that would have been preemptive). It was mental gymnastics taken to the extreme.
  • 2019.01.24 He suggested Americans not fill out their tax returns in protest of the Democrat Government shutdown -- I expect that'll end poorly for people who try. [2]
The Un American
Kevin Leffler did a documentary on Michael Moore. The original movie (back in 2007 or 2009) was called "Shooting Michael Moore", an edgy title that played on him video shooting others. This somehow got repackaged in 2018 as an Amazon Original, "The Un American"... I think a little moore material was added (pun intended) -- the Internet was semi-scrubbed of the original release, so I'm not sure how much of the original project got trimmed and how much was added. But the latest cut is interesting and worthy of watching.



Micheal Moore was a poor kid, and the freedom and opportunity of this country, it has allowed him to pursue his interests and given him millions of dollars. But he wants to take that away from everyone else.

The U.S. has freed over a billion people from tyranny in the last century – and Michael Moore has stated that he thinks France is a better government, culture and structure than America. The country that has freed no one, tried to enslave Angola just a few short years ago, the country that is driving Jews out in droves to this day because of their anti-Semitic views, and the allies that have backstabbed everyone who has ever trusted them. (As General Patton said, "I'd rather have the German Army in front of me, then the French Army behind me). But they are the culture and country Michael Moore most admires, and calls America stupid and diabolical.

Remember, this is the kind of guy that the Democrats idolize, take pictures of themselves with, seat next to Ted Kennedy (another fanatic of rhetoric) and treat like royalty. Personally, I'd try to distance myself from the modern day Goebbels, but hey, to each their own.

The irony is that I'm not even a Bush supporter. I'm just not willing to sit by and what the misinformation and hate go by unchallenged; we've seen where that leads us. The more extreme the left gets and pushes left (and lies), the more I go the other way just to try to counter-balance their fanaticism and to keep this country nearer the middle.


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Written: 2004.07.29