Militia and United Airlines Flight 93

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A column from Sept 2001 (National Review Online) explained the basics of why the Militia hasn't been superseded by the National Guard. On 09/11 who prevented United Airlines Flight 93 from reaching its target? The National Guard? The regular Army? The D.C. Police Department? None of these had a presence on Flight 93 because, in a free society, professional law-enforcement and military personnel cannot be everywhere. Terrorists and criminals are well aware of this — indeed, they count on it. Who is everywhere? The people the Founders referred to as the "general militia."Cell-phone calls from the plane revealed that it was members of the general militia, not organized law enforcement, who successfully prevented Flight 93 from reaching its intended target and saved the lives of many others, by sacrificing their own. That's why the general militia is better than the organized militia, and always will be. We used to call it civic responsibility.


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