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The NBA decided since Politicizing Sports worked so poorly for the NFL and ESPN, that they wanted some of that. So first, Daryl Morey (General Manager of the Houston Rockets) tweeted about supporting the Hong Kong protestors. That's a goodonya. The Colin Kaepernick of the NBA (LeBron James) decided to add his ignorance to the mess by claiming that we shouldn't politicize Sports, after he already had a few times.


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LeBron James -
The NBA was pandering to the Chinese by distancing themselves (and apologizing to the Communists) from a Daryl Morey tweet (General Manager of the Houston Rockets), in which Morey expressed support for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. James said Morey was “misinformed”, and demonstrated that he is as ignorant about China/Hong Kong as he is about everything except basketball. James point was that we shouldn't get all political when trying to do the playoffs (or endangering his rich China/Nike endorsement contract), but this is the same hypocrite that called Trump voters uneducated, and has used every opportunity to demonstrate his lack of knowledge on many political issues. So sure, Nike and him can align with brutal Chinese human rights violators, but I think this will cost his brand in the long run.

Oppressed Chinese Citizens Apologize To NBA Players For Disrupting Their Difficult Week -
The Bee gets nothing but net with the following barely satire: "Look, we never meant to make your lives difficult---we are so, so sorry," said a representative for Chinese dissenters. His name has been withheld to protect him from imprisonment or execution by authorities. "We never realized just how hard it was to throw a ball through a hoop and make millions of dollars."


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Progressives need to enact change by convincing everyone that things are bad, even when they are the best in history. And they do this by lecturing us all the time about the imagined injustices around us... or attacking us when we point out the real injustices (like Daryl Morey did). Since much of the NBA is black spoiled millionaires, with little clue about the real world, you can guess that if they're dumb enough to voice their opinions, that they'll be sub-standard opinions (from a point of view of High Information). What can a jock who has live a sheltered life tell us about the hardships of the world? I mean honestly. So the NBA would be wise to shut this down ASAP, or they might do to the NBA what Colin did for the NFL: which is take the fun out of the game and replace it with sanctimonious ignorance.


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