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I don't think much of New York Magazine. To be fair, I don't read it, because 90% of the time when I hear about it, it's being dumb, wrong, or partisan -- but that might be because I'm not their audience. They were one of the pioneers of the New Journalism, which is truthspeak for they threw objectivity and journalistic standards out the window, and replaced them with biased, opinionated, far left drivel.

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NY Mag on Vice - NY Mag sort of sums up the basics as, "Shane Smith’s plan for Vice was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded." Vice was founded in 1994 when Bullshitter Shane (and his partners) started using money from a government welfare program, to start a magazine in Montreal that was funny, hip, and off-color. Of course the problem with fad-following, is that fads change quickly, and today's hip terms become yesterday's "Bitchen" or "Rad" way too quickly. Shane believed his own bullshit, and became a master of convincing clueless corporate boards that they had their finger on the pulse of youth, and they needed to partner up or get left behind... then he mocked those same rubes for giving him money. He paid (or conned) actors to convince reporters and businessmen alike that a bigger deal was around the corner, so they better get in now. He was a party hound that knew how to show potential investors a good time. And once the company was inflated enough, the founder fled with as much capital as he could, and then was free to blame the eminent demise on his successors.

ICE - The friend of your friend may not be your friend. And an enemy of your enemy, may not be your enemy. Many people on the left, are of the opinion that because Trump is for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), or because ICE sometimes does bad things, that ICE must be bad. The truth is that they do a needed service, but some of the laws, regulations or policies they are required to follow are bad. But that's a problem with the policy, not with the organization. The alternative to ICE, is violence. Many media outlets totally FakeNewsed their stories on the organization/issue.

Cagegate - Does America break up families, keep kids in cages, and abuse illegal immigrants? Obviously, not enough or there would be far fewer illegal immigrants. (They're far more looped into the risks than the average Joe). The facts are this is rare, temporary, this has been done forever (and under the Obama and Clinton administrations), and the idea that criminals shouldn't be separated from their kids is absurd. Under the Democrats reasoning, for domestic crime, it is fine to separate families. But for foreign invaders and perpetrators should get special exceptions. But a nation without laws is no longer a nation. And a media that omits context and biases their stories, like NYT and NYMag did on this one, are no longer journalists.

2017 Republicans funded the Dossier - If you heard that Republicans funded the Steele "Pee Pee" Dossier, you're a victim of FakeNews. Many Democrat operatives are guilty of repeating the lie: New York Magazine (Jonathan Chait), CNN (Brian Fallon), MSNBC’s (Velshi & Ruhle and Rachel Maddow), NBC (Christina Ginn), AP, New York Times, even James Comey. AP issued a correction, NYT clarified in later articles, but most others let the lie/confusion stand, or underplayed the truth: that it was bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary campaign, and used to get illegal warrants and put a paid spy in the Trump campaign.


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