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Pelosi blew it. Even during the wind up to the Civil War, the great progressive disruption at the turn of the 20th century, the divisiveness of the 1970s, no speaker of the house has done something as contemptuous as tearing up a speech during the Presidents State of the Union. Every speaker before Pelosi had the wisdom to shut up and smile, and take their shots later. (That is not even counting the white witches in the audience, magnifying the effect, and showing their cult like devotion to partisan hackery, And being unwilling to stand and applaud American heroes or accomplishments).

This puts the Democrats in an awkward position.

If they don’t throw her out or at least censure her for contempt of Congress, violating norms, and destruction of a publicly owned historical document, Then they completely discredit themselves and the rule of law, and prove they are nothing but a bunch of partisan hack’s, as they go into election season. Which I expect won’t play well with moderate voters.

And if they do censure her, or throw her out, the divisions in the party, and the ability to crack the whip, all lessen their influence as they go into election season. It’ll be a bloodbath between the far left fanatics and the far far left fanatics. As grandstanding liars and morons like Schiff and Nadler go into a feeding frenzy.

They can keep her and lose what’s left of their credibility, or lose her and distance themselves as quickly as possible, but the residual stench of her toxic assaninity will linger until after the election they are trying to resoundingly lose. And the disruption to continuity couldn’t come with worse timing.

This goes to prove the claims that Pelosi is a political genius have been greatly overstated. She was a theatrical partisan hack, who will be remembered as a stain on decorum and the Democratic Party. The only question is whether that memory and post Pelosi healing begins immediately or post election. Bye Felicia, you are through, whether the DNC Recognizes it today or tomorrow doesn’t change the fact that this was the beginning of the end of a petty partisan bully’s reign.

🗒️ NOTE:
I suspect the Democrats lesser of evils will be to try to keep her around, brush this under the rug, and change the messages soon as possible. But that just gives the Republicans more ability to campaign on her contempt of America’s achievements, and the Democrat leaderships contempt for the rule of law. It’s not like the Democrats will have the moral High-ground condemning Trump’s bad behavior after stunts like this. No matter how much their media tries to carry her water.


She claimed it was a spontaneous thing, or "the polite thing to do"... when the truth is it was an orchestrated stunt and cameras caught her testing the paper, and pre-tearing, to make sure she could do it on camera. [1]. But that destroys her argument that it was in the heat of the moment or passionate - it was cold, calculated, pre-tested, camera posing grandstanding that lowered the bar.

It shows how disingenuous the Democrats were when pearl clutching over Joe Wilson telling Obama, "You Lie" during a speech, just because Obama was lying to the people (as later proven). They were just envious that he'd beat them to histrionics.

18 U.S.C. §2071

There's some discrepency on whether Nancy broke the law (18 U.S.C. §2071 and whether the Speech was an official document/record. Snopes reflexively says no. But they did you a few credible sources that says while she shat on tradition, it wasn't necessarily a violation of that code. But Republicans can still make noise about it.


📚 References

Trying to keep all the stupid, polemic and foloneous things our village idiot has to say, is a Sisyphusian task. So I just cherry pick as I go. Maybe some day, this could grow into a website of it's own. But personally, I don't have the energy to focus on that much dumb negativity. She's the speaker of the house who makes Trump look honest, and will never miss an opportunity to bash America or her interests.