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They have a slide deck (there was a video) when hired where they give you a pitcher of Grape Kool-aid, and see if you drink it. I've known a lot of people that worked there for a while. They're hyper-aggressive alphas that say they have no politics, bureaucracy or bullshit: just performance. And if you're below the top 5%, goodbye Felicia (you're gonna get fired). It's oxymoronic. You can't have aggressive stack ranking and NOT have people backstab or try to trip each other up, or NOT help others. All companies have good teams and bad teams, while working there, they're all fanboy's. But I've talked to dozens after they left: and few have good things to say. They put the cult in corporate culture. To each their own. But if you want things like benefits, work-life balance, or team members that aren't stressed, look somewhere else.


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