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The Democrats (and their medias) attack on Barr demonstrates (a) revenge for exposing the Russian Hoax (b) fear that his is about to expose Obama and the deep state operatives in the Press and on the left. So they are in panic mode and attacking the source, because they have nothing else. It's anti-American, anti-Justice and chickenshit -- but if you're scared of the truth getting out, then the only thing you have left is to attack the person telling the truth. And nothing scares the left like an Attorney General willing to do his job and speak truth to power.

27 Errors

The New Yorker is known to the left as having the best fact checking in all the media. That's because they don't know better or fact check those they worship. This is based on the Federalists take-down of 27 different mistakes in this one piece, some minor, some severe. But the point is that if they had fact checkers and they weren't purveyors of FakeNews, they would retract and take down this piece, fire the author (David Rohde), apologize profusely, and explain what they're doing to guarantee such shoddy work never sees their pages again. Anything less, proves they aren't a place for journalism, but propaganda.

Here's the errors by Rohde's piece:

  1. ❌ Barr recently gave at the University of Notre Dame where he asserted that some of the left’s secularists are not particularly tolerant and that the Founders of the United States saw religion as essential to democracy. Rohde called this contentious, but both are complete true and demonstrable.
  2. ❌ The U.S. invaded Kuwait in 1990. Nope. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the U.S. (with large international coalition) liberated them in 1991.
  3. ❌ Mischaracterizes Independent Counsels by claiming Carter gave us this great thing and Barr led efforts to limit them. The truth was it was admitting by both parties that they had been a disaster, and needed to be limited.
  4. ❌ Ignorant of War Powers Act: claiming Republicans were "startled" when Barr suggested that Bush 1 had the authority to invade Kuwait, but should get Congress to sign off on it, just to be safe. (And he omitted the latter context)
  5. ❌ Criminal Justice: Rohde's is upset that Barr doesn’t think the poor are more immoral than the rich by stating 'poverty doesn't cause crime' and anti-poverty programs haven't fixed it. Both are just facts that Rohde's is railing against.
  6. ❌ Confused with Mueller’s versus Barr's partisanship: not knowing the difference between a Republican appointee and requiring a politically balanced team to handle the most politically sensitive investigation in the Justice Department’s history.
  7. ❌ Mischaracterizing Barr’s Memo about Obstruction of Justice
  8. ❌ Rohde’s Sources were all Resistance members, Russian Hoaxers, or people with axes to grind: no balance at all.
  9. ❌ Mischaracterized Confirmation Hearing and suggests that Barr should have seen his role as confrontational to Trump, deferential to Mueller, and supportive of the Russia hoax.
  10. ❌ Revisionism on Kavanaugh: he mentions that some of Kavanaugh's work during George W. Bush Administration was classified, but failed to mention that 10,000 pages + 17,000 pages were provided, as well as 307 opinions, and the quality of his work was never in question.
  11. ❌ Mis-explains Barr’s Summary of Mueller report
  12. ❌ Claims Trump Demanded Barr Launch Investigation, despite no evidence and testimony otherwise
  13. ❌ Claims Barr Should Have Used a Commission to Investigate despite that not being the norm
  14. ❌ Questions FBI being investigated for its malfeasance
  15. ❌ Falsely claims IG Found No Evidence of Political Bias
  16. ❌ Claims Barr Misrepresented the IG
  17. ❌ Doesn’t Know That Evidence on Russia Was Exculpatory
  18. ❌ Numerous False Claims Regarding Horowitz Report
  19. ❌ Describes serial liar and discredited #NeverTrumper Brennan as "a Mild Critic of Trump", yeah, and Hitler was a soft jewish detractor.
  20. ❌ Claims Trump starved 33,000 FBI employees by not capitulating to Democrats outrageous demands and allowing the shutdown.
  21. ❌ Art contains KGB's "sword and shield" to imply that Trump is a puppet.
  22. ❌ Unaware that the FBI Investigation was launched on very thin ground.
  23. ❌ False Claims About Mueller’s Executive Summaries.
  24. ❌ False Claims About Barr Holding Onto Mueller Report.
  25. ❌ False Claims About Durham Investigation.
  26. ❌ Paints Barr’s Father as Radical for following rules.
  27. ❌ Claims Oversight of the DOJ is Totalitarian.


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New Yorker
New Yorker.png
The New Yorker was once a renowned for their fact checking and quality. Then David Remnick took over as Editor and they became the cheap partisan low-quality mock-worthy rag that they are today. This details just a small portion of that.
While the term goes back 100 years, the history is summed up well in a Sharyl Attkisson TedTalk on FakeNews. While our media has always had false narratives and bad stories that are Fake News (exampled include: Edward R. Murrow's "See it now" McCarthy'ing Joe McCarthy (1954), Richard Jewel story (1996), story about a plane crashing into Camp David after 9/11 (2001), Duke LeCross Rape Case (2014), Michael Brown and 'hands up, don't shoot' narrative (2014), and so on). We didn't use the term "Fake News", just liberal media bias or incompetence, but it's been around since the first liberal got sloppy or partisan at a newspaper, somewhere back in Roman times.

Then on September 13, 2016 Hillary Clinton supporters Google and Eric Schmidt, used a shell charity (a non-profit called "First Draft,") to start seeding the term to attack right wing websites ("to tackle malicious hoaxes and fake news reports"). Hillary Clinton and her surrogate David Brock of Media Matters admitted in a campaign letter that they pressured Facebook to join the effort. Google warned Conservative websites to remove stories that Google didn't like, or they'd take away their ad revenue. And Barack Obama and the liberal media followed along, regurgitating what they were told: none were going to let this opportunity (to curate what information we could see) go to waste, all in the name of protecting free speech. All coincidentally done at the same time, in what could only be a coordinated campaign attack.

Unfortunately for them, it backfired when people noticed that the mainstream liberal media made more errors and was less honest, and started throwing it back in their face. Fake News applied more to the News, Google, Facebook, Obama and other curators and finger pointers than their victims. Donald Trump used that to hijack the term and use it back against them. The left tried to change the narrative and pretend that Trump had created the term, and they wanted to stop using it and claimed it was a hateful term and an attack on free press to point out the Presses bias or errors. And that's where we are today.