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There was never one shred of evidence that O.J. was being framed because he was black. There was no evidence that people wanted to convict him because he was black. There was a lot of evidence that he got special treatment because he was a celebrity. The only racism involved in the trial was by a lawyer that tried to create a racial issue, because that was the only way to distract from his clients guilt. The media played up racism, and by jurors who finally gave in to their inherent racism, and thus they set a guilty man free, and chose to ignore the facts in the case. It wasn't even close. If O.J. had been white, and Nicole and Ron had been black, he would have been convicted.

"Can you imagine telling someone in 1976 that Bill Cosby was a serial rapist, Michael Jackson would turn into a white woman, O.J. Simpson would murder his wife, and Bruce Jenner would start cross-dressing?" -Tal Bachman

The media loved to study the racial breakdown and how blacks and whites felt differently (70% of Whites thought he was guilty, 70% of Blacks thought he was innocent). I saw no studies where they broke it down based on education. I suspect that the educated Blacks would have thought he was guilty, and a large percentage of the whites who thought he was innocent would have had lesser-educated. They didn't really break it down by age. I suspect again, that those from O.J.'s football career days were more likely to ignore reason for the sake of their memories. They didn't really do gender differences in view, much. The press and the Democrats made it the issue that they wanted to make it into, something that polarized and divided us -- and some naively bought into it. When it was really poor OJ... he was cleaning his knife when it went off.


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