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Obama does his impression of a divisive polarizer that splits the community into "us" vs "them", and blames it all on "them" -- based on getting all the facts wrong, but appealing to the ignorance and emotion of his base. In other words, he goes full community organizer, exposing that he was never the racial uniter he promised to be. </includeonly>Obama does his impression of a divisive polarizer that splits the community into "us" vs "them", and blames it all on "them" -- based on getting all the facts wrong, but appealing to the ignorance and emotion of his base. In other words, he goes full community organizer, exposing that he was never the racial uniter he promised to be. You can read his full speech here:

Here's my responses to some of his points:

Could have been me

Obama, "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago"

Mr. President, you mean you were a gold teeth wearing and tattoo covered teen, that bragged about assaulting people, called women bitches and hoes, and bragged about getting pussy on your twitter feed?

I suspect if you had been, then your White Mother and Grandma would have kicked your ass. That what responsible guardians do, otherwise you might get shot playing thug.

And as far as I know, you didn't assault strangers for looking at you wrong. At least not according to the semi-fictionalized autobiographies you wrote.

How many times were you suspended for drugs and burglary tools and stolen goods? If that was you 35 years ago, then in truth, the world might be a better place with you gone than having to spend the money putting and keeping you in prison: which was the path Trayvon was heading down.

This is a kid that was suspended 3 times for graffiti, truancy, drugs, and they had found a screwdriver and women's Jewelry in his backpack that he was "holding for a friend". Yup, no reason at all to suspect that on the night of the crime, he might have been on drugs (coroner found THC/Pot in his system), or that he might be casing houses by walking on the grass, slowly, in the rain as Zimmerman alluded to. 8+ minutes to walk like 100 yards in the rain, not suspicious at all. 

The alternative =

People ignore that even if Trayvon hadn't been killed that night, he would have gone to prison for aggravated assault and possibly attempted or successful murder. Where he likely would come out years later, having been in a prison gang, more hardened, with a millstone around his neck of being a violent felon (less employable), and probably an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

NOTE: While Prison reformations are possible, they'e rare: somewhere around 70% of released criminals are re-arrested within 3 years (and that's not counting the ones that aren't caught). It's higher the younger you are, and the less opportunities you have. So betting on the odds sadly says that George saved society millions of dollars, and another thug. Sorry, it sucks, it's cold -- but those are the REAL facts in this case. That's not racist, that's just statistics. Maybe he would have pulled his life together. But that's just the audacity of hope, and not reality of his actions.

Assaulting strangers because you're not smart enough to figure out gated communities with signs saying neighborhood watch, might have actual neighbors that watch you, doesn't reek of a kid that thinks about his future. We all make mistakes as teens, but as bad as mine or yours were, I doubt they involved sucker punching, then mounting and wailing on a stranger, because your thought he was a gay rapist, then going for his gun. (And unless we have evidence otherwise, we kind of have to go with the evidence/testimony/forensics we do have).

Racial Profiling

"Like many African American young men, he had been followed in department stores, seen people lock their cars when he crossed the streets and watched as women clutched their handbags during an elevator ride with him."

That's so unlike the experiences of like every male teen that ever dressed badly, of any color. Duh! That the President doesn't understand that, and does mental gymnastics to inject race into a non-racial story, or pretend that experience is somehow only a black experience, reeks of bigotry and ignorance. Ask any of the top-10 white rappers, or latinos or asian kids, if they've ever been harassed by the po-lice, or if they've had shop-keepers keep an extra keen eye on them.  

Yes, I realize that many black kids probably get that worse. But why? Because inner-city black community has failed to offer good cultural influences, and 3% of black kids are committing over 50% of the murders and crimes in the nation. As many black commentators have pointed out, black people that get on a elevator with a thuggy looking black kid, also clutch their purses tighter, or get very cautious. They might do it with thuggy looking white or latino kids, even if the odds are like 5x greater of getting assaulted/mugged/murdered by the black one. It's the math and facts that's the problem, not race.

The stereotype exists, because of the social failure of blacks to own their own problems, and fix them. And blaming one of the least racist countries in the entire world, for their communities problem is chicken-shit cowardice. I expect that from race baiting bigots like Sharpton and Jackson -- but I expect my President to either be wise enough to shut up, or smart enough to try to calm racial tensions by pointing out the facts -- not inflame them for political gain.  

The black experience is the only one that matters

"Those sets of experiences inform how the African-American community interprets what happened one night in Florida,” Obama added. “And it’s inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear.”

Perception is not reality. Reality is reality.

There's a saying that to blacks it's always about race, and to white's it's never about race -- and both are wrong. Well, this was not the time to pander to the blacks and inflame the racial tension over something the FBI investigation, local police investigation, and everyone involved admits was not about race. There's zero evidence that Zimmerman was a racist. There's more evidence that Trayvon was. And the ignorance of the black community assuming otherwise, doesn't change that. 

As the article mentions, Obama didn't need to speak about race -- he wanted to. He wanted to polarize the nation more, give credence to the protestors, increase the friction in society, because it got him political gains to all the racist blacks, race-guilty whites. It catered to his base. 

You need to soul search, not me

"I think it’s going to be important for all of us to do some soul-searching"

I agree. 

So what was the purpose and the ends of that speech? Why did you inject yourself in a local crime? And if you're going to do so, why did you do it in a way that's more likely to inflame and polarize than to soothe and unite? 

Answer those after some soul searching.

There were thousands of things he could have said. "America still has a racist past -- but the America of today is nearly unrecognizable from the America of my youth". That might have been a good thing to say.

What he could have said

Or he could have hinted,

"Only in many ways, the black community was better off before I was born: with less on government assistance, lower crimes, fewer in prison, fewer out of wedlock births, more two parent families, less drug and alcohol abuse, fewer in gangs, and so on". Look what the Great Society and Welfare has wrought!

He could have reminded everyone,

"Since Trayvon Martin assaulted Zimmerman, and was shot, 11,000+ blacks have been murdered by other Blacks. 50 kids were shot last month in my home town of Chicago, many for doing far less than assaulting a community watch guy. Blacks murder whites at 3-5x the rate that whites murder blacks, and most murders and crimes are within a race. So if we want to focus on the problems, that's not blaming a 'White-Latino' (whatever the fuck that is), for self-defense against a teenage street thug. It's to focus on the problems in our communities and get more into community watch and to take our streets back."

Trayvon should be an example: don't let your kids dress and act like hoodlums, or someone might mistake them for one.

Someone said the other day, "blacks have to question what to tell their kids", after Trayvon.

And I replied, "tell them not to assault strangers, because one of them might be armed".

They replied I was a rude/racist for not being as ignorant and racist as they were.


So the Presidents comments were dumb, inflammatory and racist (since the only thing a spoiled half black kid from Hawaii had in common with Trayvon was 1/2 of his race). Most of all, it was divisive.

He spoke to the black community and white-guilt crowd, the ignoratti, and said, "keep it up". Get out and protest. Obama said he would have liked a different outcome... in other words, he would have rather seen an innocent man get imprisoned, rather than have to have to admit what the FBI, Local Police, and facts have been telling him -- which is the only reason this case had anything to do with race, is because politicians like Sharpton, Jackson and Obama injected race into it. Which polarizes the nation further between the informed, and the Democrats.  

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