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The Race Baiter.

Obama's domestic policy can be summed up as:

The great uniter - fakeObama ran on being a great uniter, "No Red America, no Blue America, just the United States of America". That sounds great, I would have loved that guy. However realObama was a community organizer (just one step up for an union organizer/agitator). His whole life had been made of anger/inflame/agitating people into demanding change for his political gain. His brief Senate career had him accomplishing nothing but blowing up deals and irritating the other side. He was the great divider instead. Just read Obama’s post-partisan timeline

Race relations - One of the key reasons he was elected was to improve race relations. It was 65% positive before he took office, and he left with it below 20%[1]. People blame Trump for ruining race relations have no clue, or no honesty. Obama highlight include his handling of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, like his speech That's President Racist to you. There was his sympathies for dividers like Black Lives Matter, his fuck-up with Gates arrest (having nothing to do with a President, and he made everything worse). There was Ahmed Mohamed (Clock Boy), where he thanked a Muslim kid for a prank of making something that looked like a briefcase bomb, and wasting the public's money on lawsuits that are later dismissed. [2]

Obama on Energy - Ran as an "All of the Above" President, governed as an anti-energy buffoon, from his Keystone Pipeline obstruction for 8 years, solar Subsidies that went bankrupt like Solyndra and a dozen other companies that went bankrupt on the taxpayers dime.

Privacy/Spying - Obama ran as against FISA (going to eliminate it), and be the most transparent administration, ever. Then did the opposite. Not only didn't he eliminate the Patriot act, he expanded it, FISA warrants, and abused powers around it. He spied on the AP, spied on Americans (NSA), spied on the Press - Rosengate, spied on his political opposition (Trump) and the IRS targeted his political opponents.

  • Injustice is the new justice: his oath is to protect the constitution and law of the land. Instead of being Law and Order, he abused power (executive orders) often to dilute or undermine laws he didn't like -- not through proper means (Campaigning and pressuring Congress to fix/legislate them, but to circumvent them). NOTE: I don't like a lot of these laws, but there's a right way and wrong way to fix them. He chose wrong, every time. From Immigration, DACA, Drugs, EPA doing "sue and settle" to extending regulations. There were Corruption/Graft/Payoffs, AKPD payoffs, Sestak bribe, ACORN, Pigford scandal, VA scandal, porkulus payoffs (bail outs). He diminished the Justice Department credibility when they used a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.
  • Obamacare/ACA - ran on mocking Hillary Clinton's idea of a mandate, and promised to be a bipartisan -- then literally locked the Republicans out, mocked them, implemented a disaster with questionable procedure, put in the mandate that he mocked, lied that it was similar to RomneyCare or the Heritage Plan (it wasn't), and then got caught in 29 public lies about Obamacare (like 'you can keep your doctor', 'we won't force people to pay for abortions', he was against mandates before he was for it). Then gave Obamacare Waivers to donors (over 1,200): ideas so good, that donors could buy their way out of them.
    • 🤥Death Panels - Republicans (and Sarah Palin) started using the term "Death Panels" to describe part of the ACA, where a panel of 15 oligarchs could make life and death decisions over what treatments would be covered or not (to control costs). The far left all called that untrue (Politifact called this the lie of the year in 2009), but accounted for the savings these panels would bring by denying care. Then they screamed again when those panels (that never existed) were eliminated in 2018.
  • Budget - blew up budget deals which caused the government shut-down, blamed the other side, then spent extra money to close monuments/parks during "shut down" to increase the public harm (and pressure his opponents).


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