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One of the great dividers biggest accomplishments was in taking a dead issue (gun control) and re-igniting it, getting many more mass shootings by drawing attention to them, and getting both sides enraged at each other: the left over not being able to violate the second amendment with impunity, and the right over the ignorance and dishonesty of the gun controllers. Examples:

  • Fast and Furious / Gunrwalking scandal - this is where the Obama administration (BATF under Holder) was selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, failing to track them, until some Americans (including Brian Terry) were shot with them. It was done to fluff up a DNC narrative that Mexico's gun problems were because of the U.S. So they got caught trying to plant evidence to have an excuse for pushing for more gun control. The Republicans wanted an investigation, but "the most transparent administration, ever" used executive privilege to obstruct the investigation into Holder and Obama's participation, denied the President had pushed it, and blamed Bush because Bush had found out about a smaller ATF effort (called Wide Receiver) and had shut down the effort and recommended it never be tried again (which the Obama admin ignored and restarted).[1]
  • Obama said utterly dishonest and retarded things like, "And then there’s a reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12 or 13-year-old to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than it is for them to get a book" As if he's never heard of Amazon.com? How do you download a gun off the Internet? If it was true, it would only show the failure of gun control, since those neighborhoods he's most likely talking about would be in strict gun-controlled and Democrat controlled places like Chicago, D.C. and Detroit. He's exposing the failures of gun control, and isn't bright enough to realize he's saying, "It's not working, we need more of it!".
  • Obama Gun Quotes - he was the most anti-Gun President in our lifetime, after campaigning to be the opposite.
  • Obama fact-check on Guns - his speeches were littered with errors, mistruths, distortions and outright lies about guns. We know that sensationalizing mass shootings gets copy-cats, so he and the media sensationalized every one to the max, and tried to "never let an opportunity go to waste", to attack legal gun owners, with legislation that they called "reasonable gun control", even though not one of the laws offered would have stopped the shootings that had happened.
  • Obama's gun truths and consequences - the results are he was the gun salesman in History. Gun sales hit record highs because rational people felt he was trying to undermine their inalienable right to self defense.


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