PA livestream filling out ballots

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There was a live stream of counters filling out ballots (Delaware County). Facebook "Fact Checkers" said that it was OK and not voter fraud, because the election board claims they were just transcribing ballots from damaged ones to more reliable ones. But there are still questions: why wasn't segregated from the main floor (to avoid the look of impropriety), were the dupes destroyed properly, and so on. It's probably incompetence rather than corruption. But it raises suspicions that are magnified by other examples of sketchy or criminal behavior.


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2020 Not Voter Fraud
Not everything that looks like voter fraud is voter fraud. Here are some things that smelled fishy, but might be debunked (if you believe and trust the Fact Checkers). Of course in a lot of cases the Fact Checkers have been wrong in the past too. But these are ones that appear to have some semi-credible explanation. However, that these claims are credible shows that people ARE paying attention to Democrats chicanery and are losing faith in our process (for some very good reasons). And these things are easily fixable with better quality controls (like voter role sanitization) that Democrats have obstructed for 40 years. Evidence includes: 118 year old Michigan Man votes by absentee ballotHammer and Scorecard