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AKA the St. Louis Bread Company, was once a fine eating establishment. Then an SJW became CEO and FUBAR'ed the whole thing by deciding to (1) Create "Pay what you want" stores (2) Failing at it.

Pay what you want

In 2010 the Obamabot CEO of Panera (Ron Shaich) decided to do a ted talk, so he could virtue signal with a megaphone... because doing something virtuous without humble-bragging would miss the point. So he opened PC stores: Panera Cares, where you could pay what you thought was fair, to subsidize other peoples food.

It went the way of venezuela, and all socialist utopias, with Portland collapsing first, but the other four locations, all in leftist enclaves, collapsing in an avalanche of economic lessons as well.

The locals saw it as a soup kitchen, and most paying patrons didn’t want to pay inflated prices to subsidize the urine-smelling, typhus-infected, flea-bag, or just basement dwelling antifa member, next to them. They just wanted their overpriced soup, in ever diminishing portions, at a fair price.

So like the collapse of the Socialist regimes everywhere, what did we learn?

Trick question... if socialists could learn, they would have been extincted with the collapse of socialist enclaves in the 19th century. and they would get the Bernie and AOC jokes that fly over their beret covered heads. At least they have their grievance studies degrees to fall back on

Mac and Cheesemageddon

This undercover video caused some outrage (and a firing). I'm not sure why. Boiling packets of frozen Mac & Cheese isn't a shock to me -- and it improves quality control and consistency over fresh made. So I never expected that they were hand rolling the pasta in the back, anyways.[1]


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