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The left believes in (a) making rules is the same as convincing people to follow them (b) destroying the economy and blaming Trump for it. So naturally, they want the shutdown to go on as long as possible, and are furious when people disagree. In a diverse society, you're going to get a diversity of followers. And the collectivists want to guilt, shame, attack and henpeck those not following what they want, to get them in line. If they have to exaggerate what's happening to guilt them or feel morally superior, they will do so. (Lies of omission, commission or exaggeration all allowed). And thus you get FakeNews reports that misrepresented what happened in Newport Beach, and a leftist governor (Newsom) that used it as an opportunity to show his authority -- which caused lawsuits and protests. Good job Newsom.

Quarantine Quitters - An article that outrages people by claiming that people aren't practicing proper social distancing while going to California beaches. The problem is the remainers pretend they know what they are talking about (the don't), and that guilting others will persuade them -- it does the opposite.
  • Can you go to the beach and social distance? Yes.
  • Will most people do it? Usually.
  • Will the media and far left focus on the outliers to try to guilt us to feel better about themselves? Of course.
  • Is destroying your life and "self sacrifice" for a flu outbreak, the moral high ground? The data is highly ambiguous.

The problems are that government has done a very poor job of telling the truth and persuasion. The media has gone out of their way to distort everything and alienate the public. And some know-nothing sanctimommy's (and the governor) are making unrealistic demands for ambiguous results from untrusted sources. And the sanctimommy's and far left want to blame the people for ignoring them, after they've done everything humanly possible to be untrustworthy and obnoxious. [1]

Fake News - How do you know it's FakeNews? There's a game they're doing in photography called compressed perspective. You shoot low, and you shoot from far away with a big zoom lens -- it gives the perspective of making all those people look closer together than they are.

If you want to give true perspective, you shoot it from above, or from close with a wide angle. When you do that, you find that the vast majority are social distancing, and those that aren't are just transiting.

Real news doesn't use dirty tricks to give misperceptions -- they have data and images that show what they want without those tricks.

Shut up you beaches - Gavin responded to the FakeNews by scolding the public for not recognizing his dictatorial powers and social distancing in a way that was approved by King Cuckolder.
  • So Gavin shut down the beaches, but only in Orange County, to show everyone that this is not voluntary -- he thinks he's the boss of all the Mayors and the Plebes. The plebes disagreed. [2]
  • Why did he do it? Because OC has some of the fewest cases in the state, the vast majority were social distancing, and since sunlight is a COVID disinfectant, there's little reason to think that you can even catch it by just being on the beach with someone (unless you're practically making out). But it also helps to note that few in OC voted for Newsom, so it doesn't hurt Gavin politically to spit on them -- since leftist voters like unnecessary displays of authority (from their side), and the OC voters weren't going to support a douche like Gavin anyways.
  • In a surprise to no one, this caused lawsuits from Huntington, Newport, Dana Point, etc... and wasted lots of our tax dollars, paying lawyers to fight from both sides. Gavin is the king of nothing else, he's gotten our state into more lawsuits than any other governor. [3]
  • Gavin continued to show that he doesn't realize that he governs only by the consent of the governed... so 2,500 protestors showed up to voice their opinion against hit over autocratic stupidity. The results? Angry people did NOT social distance, at least partly to show their ire. Which meant that if he cared about the publics health, he did the exact wrong thing, for the wrong reasons, all to antagonize them into being willing to risk their lives to stand up to a petty tyrant. Still, Gavin didn't learn (relent), that would make him a wise statesman and lousy Democrat. [4]


📚 References

COVID Shutdown
The shutdown was enacted under the guise that we needed to "bend the curve" and prevent a caseload surge that would overwhelm our healthcare and have millions die waiting for ventilators. What we got was the stock market to drop 30%, GDP to drop 40%, Trillions in debt , and 30%+ unemployment (including healthcare worker laid off for lack of work). The COVID Models were off by 4-10x or more, and we never neared capacity, even in the worst hit places. We had at least twice the ventilators per capita as Germany at the start and was surging manufacturing to have many times that in months. Oh, and ventilators turned out to be the worst way to treat it (with 80% dying anyways). As long as the economy was still alive and Trump might get re-elected, they are prepared to burn the whole economy down for their political ends: creating a dependency class of unemployed dependents is what they wanted all along. The most effective mitigation is the one that does the least harm, but keeps from destroying lives: the Swedish Model. The Shutdown does the most harm possible. Despite experts from top Universities saying End the Shutdown the anti-liberty left, doesn't care about the lives they're ruining.
COVID FakeNews
The media has been generating a landslide of FakeNews around COVID (SARS-CoV-2). Some of these are fabrications, most are more lies of exaggeration or omission (removing context). If you need evidence that the Media is against Americans and willing to sacrifice lives, or lie for ratings, this catastrophe alone will separate the informed from the media believers, examples include: COVID Anti-AsianCOVID is a hoaxCOVID ModelsCOVID WHOLysolgate
Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom is a flaming, hypocritical, corrupt douchebag from California, so naturally he became the Governor full of the state known for being full of flaming, hypocritical, sanctimonious, douchebags.