Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

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Episode 5 of the Rambo movies.

The fifth installment in the Rambo franchise was predictable revenge-porn against the Mexican Cartel who kidnap Rambo's niece. Basically, it's the troubled rangers version of Home Alone, with punji sticks and claymores. Slow(er) at the start, with a lot of backstory and setup, then a frenetic end to a lot of bad guys... but come on, what did you think you were going to Rambo film to see? If you liked the others (or especially the first) it's sort of the other book-end to the series. I went basically because reviewers loved it, and SJW's were outraged because it showed that some Mexicans are bad guys? They really had to reach to be offended, but that's not new. Frankly, I think both sides are overstating it: it wasn't that bad and had plenty of good Mexican people in the film. And it wasn't that good just because it outraged the snowflakes. But for those of us that watched the first one in theaters, you should probably watch and enjoy the last one as well...


There was a 57 point spread spread between the Reviewers (Critics) and Viewers (Audience) on this one: 29% of critics liked it, while 86% of the audience did. That's always a flag to me, to go watch a film. So that's what inspired me to see it in theaters, and give them my money. It was good, if you wanted to see another Rambo film. A little slower in parts, pretty dark and cerebral... then a lot of violence/revenge. But it's Rambo. People aren't going to see art.
Reviewer Bias 

Movie critics often have a leftward slant that makes them droll and predictable. It also means if a movie is at all political, has anything that's politically incorrect, or can be re-imagined that way, then reviewers will likely get out of touch with the audience. Since I lean towards the audience preferences and away from marxism as movie-reviews, this spread (or the inverse of the reviewers opinions) can be a better indicator of how much I'll like a film than their actual reviews. more...


Don't expect deep, but if you want a good boom-boom, kill the bad guys, popcorn flick... this one hits many of the right notes. The credits have pics from the other films, that play memory lane.


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