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Rape Tree's are not horny trees that molest passers by, it's a real phenomenon where somewhere around 80-90% of women or girl illegal immigrants (who do the coyote/desert route), are forced to do sexual acts for the coyote, and/or are left for dead. To add insult to sexual assault, they often hang a piece of clothing on a tree, like notching a bedpost (or putting a notch in the Resolute desk, if you're a Clinton or a Kennedy). So out in the deserts between Mexico and the U.S. are these gruesome decorations, to let you know the cost of Democrats immigration policies.

Why am I blaming the Democrats? Because they are responsible, yet blame the other side, and take no responsibility for their policies. America is attractive to people south of our border, with few opportunities and living/working in corrupt pseudo-socialist (or actual socialist) countries. They naturally will risk life, limb and rape to come here. I empathize: I would too, if I was in their situation. So we both care about these people. But you have two choices (a) try to be more compassionate towards illegal immigrants (b) make it as hard/costly for them as possible. The former sounds more compassionate to the simple minded, but anyone with a basic understanding of economic or human nature knows that more compassionate you are to the illegals (the looser the punishment, more aide you give them, etc), then the more will come... and be raped or die on the way.

Applying common sense (something Democrats don't do), means that sealing the border, rounding up the illegals, and making it more costly to break the law to come here -- as that means fewer will try: and you save lives (or rapes) and choke the demand for human trafficking. More will obey immigration laws, wait in line, and come here in ways that gives them more legal protections, less exploitation, and less rape. So which is really more compassionate?

NOTE: I wouldn't be snotty to my igno-arrogant liberal friends, if they weren't snotty first. I can agree that both sides of the coin are trying to help people in different ways, and if they admit that, I reflect that back. I think they're short term compassion leads to long term harm -- but there's always a balancing act between short/long term, love (enablement) and tough love, and so on. If they understand that, and don't vilify conservatives as all being hateful, greedy, racist/bigots, then I certainly won't point out that their moronic compassion murders/rapes innocents, and makes everyone's lives worse, all because their feelings are more important to them than the harm they cause making themselves feel better.

However, since 95% start by proclaiming their moral superiority, and mock the other side as heartless bigots, etc. -- then they deserve to have their noses rubbed in the shit-piles of death, murder, gangs and exploitation that their Sanctuary cities, and compassionate progressivism causes. So every time I hear of sex trafficking, or the harrowing experiences that happen to one of these poor/exploited female migrants I think, "Thanks Democrats: that happened because of your policies that encouraged it!"


Written 2018.06.16