Republicans are racists

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The left used the big lie, to hide the many problems with Democrat Racism by prestidigitation: look over there, the Republicans are the racists. As long as the media is attacking the Republicans, and the Republicans are defending themselves, then the Democrats (and their media) can hide from all the bad things they've done or are doing.

Who do the bigoted Republicans have as some of the favorite figures?

  • Blacks: Candice Owens, Walter Williams, Condeleza Rice, Alan Keyes, Herman Caine, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Clearance Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Colin Noir, etc.
  • Jews: Andrew Breitbart, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Kavlan, Dennis Prager, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, etc.
  • Gays: Peter Theil, Richard Grenell, Dave Rubin, Liz Chaney (before she fell from grace), Milo Yiannopoulos, etc.
  • Women: Amy Coney Barrett, Margaret Thatcher, Nikki Haley, Laura Ingram, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Condeleza Rice, Melania Trump, Kristi Noem (pre-turn-coat), Sarah Palin, Alveda King, Stacey Dash, and many more.

If Republicans are so White Supremacist, sexist and homophobic, why are they doing it so wrong? If Democrats are so much more sensitive on these matters, why are they so vicious towards women, jews and other minorities that disagree with them?

Could it be that the the Democrats (and their media) perpetuate a lie to distract their base from questioning their moral superiority, and recognizing that their tropes are just political gamesmanship?

The informed can read the details Democrat Racism, and know the real history of the made-up Southern Strategy. Those that believe the Democrats don't have bigger problems with racism than the Republicans (or at least are pretty close) are gullible rubes or plain old partisan flim-flammers.

The Southern Strategy
Southern strategy.png
Politician 101: if the truth is unpopular, then lie. A perfect example of that is the Democrat/Media narrative that after the Civil Rights act of 1964, all the racists democrats all switched sides, and that's why despite the progressive democrats being the Party of the KKK, immigrant and minority oppression, and so on, they suddenly became saints, and the Republicans became all the racists (and why they started winning the South). Only none of that actually happened, and anyone with a cursory understanding of politics or history laughs at the idea. (Yet the partisan democrats, and gullible rubes, still repeat it).



Just remember some of the basics:

  • As the South got less racist, they became more Republican.
  • As the North got more racist, they got more Democrat.
  • In fact, the whole idea of breaking the South's segregation was because of what? Because the blacks were fleeing the South and moving North. So the North kept trying to use the Federal Government to force the South to be better to blacks, so they'd stop coming up to the North.
  • The military is one of the most integrated parts of society: they vote mostly Republican.
  • Black Panthers, BLM, Occupy, BDS movement supporters, and many other racist institutions have a large majority of their members voting Democrat.

Republicans are hardly saintly -- no diverse party or population of any kind is "pure". There's always a bell curve of distributions on every issue/view, and some Republicans are certainly racist douche's. But the majority of the time the politically correct are screaming it, it isn't what they claim. And when you start scratching the surface, you find that racist douche's are more common in the Democrat party: so they shouldn't be the ones lecturing anyone.


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