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Robert De Niro is a repeat High School flunk-out, multiple divorcé, famous for playing make believe (acting) as low-IQ'd tough guys. While he has quite a filmography, he's recently most famous role is for playing a loud-mouthed low-IQ'd Trump Hating Democrat, ending multiple award presentations with "Fuck Trump", because Trump is a Wharton School graduate in Economics, President, Billionaire and has done more for America than De Niro ever will playing make-believe. The media and Hollywood lap it up, demonstrating their hyper-partisan hypocrisy: can you imagine if any famous conservatives had said "Fuck Obama!", they would have lost their nut over the disrespect to the office. They went apoplectic when Clint Eastwood did a skit at the RNC Convention (a Political Event) where he talked to an empty chair (far more civil, educated and on-topic). So thanks Bobby Milk (his nickname), for proving how shallow and two faced you, the media and Hollywood is.



Nothing Hollywood actors hate more that caustic loudmouths that give them a run for their money. They hate the other sides hate so much, that they'll hate even louder and more publicly to signal their hate of hate speech, like they're doing.

  • 2018 at the 72nd Tony Awards (to a standing ovation) he said "Fuck Trump", using the full range of his vocabulary that isn't written out for him. And the day after apologized to Canada for Trump defending American interests at the G7 summit. [1] Even far-lefty Piers Morgan, pointed out that the Trump-loathing stars hatred (and rooting against America), means they're the bigger problem than Trump.
  • 2017.10.16 while at the Annual Hudson River Park Gala (accepting a park bench named after him), he ended with, "Fuck you, Donald Trump" and went on to call him a "Motherfucker". [2]
  • 2016 while being venomously anti-Trump, he accused Trump of being, "so blatantly stupid" and, "I'd like to punch him in the face."
  • 2016 he is an anti-vaxxer that supported a show in the Tribeca Film Festival called Vaxxed, but he removed Vaxxed from the festival line-up, after being pressured by Hollywood. Showing he has no principles he won't cave on.
  • 2012 after multiple reports showed that Fracking doesn't do any of the things the opponents have claimed, De Niro showed what a luddite he is and joined the anti-fracking campaign Artists Against Fracking.
  • 2006 he talked about his candidate for President would be Hillary Clinton (for her lack of accomplishments and corruption?), or Barack Obama (for even fewer personal accomplishments and ties to corrupt terrorists like Bill Ayers or Louis Farrakhan?). [3]
  • 1998 he got in some "trouble" in France and was questioned for his participation in a prostitution ring that dealt in underage girls. There was never enough evidence to go for a charge, and conflicting info how much he knew or participated in. [4]
  • 1998 he lobbied Congress against impeaching President Bill Clinton -- because while it was a high crime, he thinks Democrats aren't guilty by nature of their party affiliation.
  • 1994 investor in Nobu Restaurants famous for selling Atlantic bluefin tuna, an endangered species. Bobby said, Trump wasn't welcome at any of those Restaurants -- and the media got that wrong and said he was "banned", the Restaurant corrected that point. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who the Restaurants are named for, said he'd like to make Sushi for both Trump and Bobby. The WhiteHouse replied with their chef's on staff and at Mira Lago, there's no worry about Trump wanting to visit a Nobu any time soon. [5]
    • The Nobu Hotel in Manilla was named the world's worst Luxury Hotel by Fortune Magazine. [6]
  • 1990 original investor in Tribeca Grill, a commonly frequented place by his buddy, Harvey Weinstein would visit with young women, and who was known to have terrorized waitstaff and acted piggishly. [7]


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Written 2018.06.11