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Rosanne got a chance to do a revisit of her show, and it was beyond a smashing success: highest rated show in history. Turns out the show mocked both sides, and was unapologetic about both and was loved by Americans. But that kind of tolerance is conservative (not liberal), so the Liberals at ABC were looking for an excuse to kill it, like Last Man Standing. And Rosanne gave them that chance.

Rosanne was in a heated twitter batter with Valerie Jarret (an evil, ignorant, polemic bitch of a human being), and Rosanne tweeted: "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” (vj = Valerie Jarrett). And of course the ignorant far-left all screamed in unison: racism. I never realized that Jarrett was part black -- she's more Iranian, French and others. And Rosanne said, "Muslims r NOT a race." <- she was attacking the Muslimist views of Jarrett -- not any racial ones. But that kind of nuanced thinking is beyond most lefties, and certainly the far-lefties at ABC.

So despite Rosanne clarifying, apologizing, cancelling her twitter her account, the wonks at cancelled her show, because the entire cast should suffer for Rosanne and the American public not being as politically correct as the producers at ABC. (Nor are they dimwitted virtue signalers either).

🗒️ NOTE:
This is the network that hosts the View, which regularly insults and denigrates conservatives, and throws racist/sexist claims against all whites or males (there seem to be no red lines there). But what's really important? Moral consistency or showing the evil conservatives whose the boss? ABC responded power matters more that truth or contrition. The other thing is the ignorant trolls that call this racism, don't know what racism is. It isn't insulting an individual you don't like, even if it was a racist slur (and there's some ambiguity that this was) -- it is saying something can never be a reasonable human because of their race. As Rosanne mentioned, this was meant as a jab at her Islamic sympathies, not at her skin color. But alas, that kind of common sense is beyond the smartest minds in Hollywood.

Rosanne Barr

Rosanne is a bipolar comedian, that had a hit show (that was cancelled because it made fun of both sides, and ABC couldn't stand that), and she insulted an Obama politician from Iran in a way that was a slur to blacks, though no one knew Valerie Jarret was part black. Rosanne was never stable, but often funny... but she's even more "all over the place" since she had her career ruined for the Woke Crime of not getting a DNA test before throwing a slur out there. more...


ABC has quite a bit of bias (as demonstrated by the ratings dog that won't die: The View. Another of the most egregious examples was them cancelling a show with great ratings for its time slot: the ironically named, "Last Man Standing". more...


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