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Rosie is a somewhat vile person. It's not that she's not entitled to her opinions, I have no problems with that. It's just she's so nasty about anyone who disagrees, that she invites mocking back: nothing is as delicious as seeing a bully get their comeuppance, and Rosie is a bully.

  • Ben Shapiro - Rosie distraught that the House of Representatives had passed the first significant tax cut bill in three decades, and offered to break the law by offering two senators bribes to vote against the bill, was getting heat - and Shapiro chimed in that if sessions investigates the crime, he'd be carved into Mount Rushmore. Rosie told him to "suck my dick". My response would be "no thanks, imagining where that strap-on's been would keep me far away".... Shapiro retorted, "You’re already a felon, Rosie. Don’t be a homophobic sexual harasser too #metoo".
  • Timeline - Rosie has had a long conflict with Donald Trump, mainly because she's a loud-mouthed nasty human that wants to tell everyone else what to do, and he doesn't suffer fools and bullies well.

Trump Tax Cut Weekend

2017.12.04 - was a busy weekend. Rumors Michael Flynn was rolling on Trump prompted ABC News to report that Trump ordered Flynn to speak to the Russians during the campaign. Since that was a crime and would bury the tax cuts and administration (and lead to more Obamanomics), this sent the stock market into a tailspin, and TDS sufferers into blissful orgy of hate. (Screw the American people and economy, they wanted a bloodletting). But ABC got it wrong, again. Trump had done that only after he was already elected, and the whole thing a nothing burger.

Since the left was already in a frenzy about Treason (for doing what Hillary and Obama did), they shifted that frenzy to the Tax Cut that passed: anything that lets Americans be less slaves to the state, is a loss for Democrats.

Rosie was one of the loudest preaching Trump was a traitor, rapist and liar -- this from a die hard Bill Clinton supporter. If she was smart enough to get irony, she'd be laughing her fat ass off.

I would not broad brush Rosie as the average democrat, she's a special kind of perpetually igno-angry. But her rants show the problem dividing America: 50 years of the one side irrationally thinking they are morally superior to the other side, despite any evidence to the contrary. While chimpanzees can recognize themselves in the mirror, angry Democrats can not.

I don't know all the nuances of the tax bill, or how bad congress can fuck it up before it gets reconciled. It sounds more good than bad to me (based on what I’ve read), but it’s complex and a lot matters on implementation details (and how markets will respond) that we just don’t know yet. But I know the basics:

  1. That the party/individuals that never peeped while Obama raised the debt by $9 trillion, and vented against the Republicans for holding it down that low (those that screamed every time the Republicans fought against spending increases), does NOT get to whine about a tax cut that's worse case is $1 trillion over 10 years. And if we get a >0.4% GDP increase out of a 15%+ business tax cut (that benefits us all), then we see a surplus. We don't know for sure, but historically and presently, just the threat of this bill has boosted the stock market and growth by more than 0.4%, so there’s a greater chance that it’ll be fiscally positive than negative. They can complain about the social impacts and other things all they want -- just not the fiscal impacts without being raging hypocrites
  2. So if you dislike a policy, and can rationally articulate why, that's cool. They can disagree with it based on various merits: I think those sanity checks can be good, if you can point out individual flaws. But pretending this will lead to ruination based on hand waving emotional appeals without any details? Then extrapolating those delusions (lies from the left politicians) that we might have to dip into social security and Medicare, when that is not in this bill, is beyond moronic. Argue what is, not what your dystopian fantasies are.
  3. If you can't articulate why it is bad, and have to ad hominem the motives of those that support it, and can't get the basic facts or intent correct, then that just proves you're not worth listening to. Because in your closed mind, this isn't about what they are sincerely trying to do, but about your irrational hate for anyone that doesn’t agree with you on a policy point.
  4. Hating the bill/idea of economics is fine (that reducing tax burdens will stimulate the economy, which we 100% know is true... we just don't know if it will be enough to offset the tax revenue losses). Historically, tax cuts usually help, but there's some ambiguity and room for debate in outcome. The problem is projecting motives of hate and greed on those that support it, is socially and emotionally stunted. Fiscal conservatives may be wrong, but their motives are every bit as pure as the democrats. Many could argue more so, since they looked at the failure of growth in the Obamanomics, and the far greater growth in Reaganomics, JFKanomics, and Ikeonomics, which all had tax cuts, and are trying to learn from it. While the left is ignoring the lessons of history.
    • Even the modest Bush tax cuts had more growth (until the real estate bubble) than Trillions Obama poured into porkulus and quantitative easing. But even with dozens of examples, we just can’t prove that it is causal (it just appears to be). So there’s room for both sides to believe what they want, without the others being evil/greedy.
  5. The republicans might be wrong, but a huge tax cut for the middle class (who sees more of the benefits than the top, by far), is not the end of civilization, and it won't "destroy America". The idiocracy and polarization from the venomous haters like Rosie is likely to do more towards that end than any small tweaks in tax policy. That irrational hate-mongering is the problem, not one bad tax cut under the republicans or 20 increases under the democrats.
  6. If Democrats believe it will lead to ruination, then their best play is to shut up, wait for the economy to flip, and take over the house and senate when the backlash comes. Screaming in advance seems to show that you're scared to death that the economy won't crater under the burden of more liberty and lower taxes.
  7. That not a single democrat voted for it, or tried to trade concessions for votes, tells me more about the democrats, than the republicans voting for it does about them. For 8 years the left whined about naked obstructionism by the Republicans, and now instead of raising the bar, they have done everything to prove they are worse. No compromises. No willingness to discuss. Just sheer demonification and taking the lowest roads they can find.
  8. All the Democrats and left screaming that the evil Republicans were cutting taxes for only the right were either ignorant or dishonest. Cato and others did analysis and the people it helped most were in middle incomes (on the bottom of tax payers) -- and that's only because the bottom doesn't have to pay any taxes (they get net benefits), so tax cuts are naturally not going to help people that aren't paying any. [1]

Personally, I think what folks like Rosie are really scared of is that if the economy starts stimulating, it does build momentum for future spending cuts too, and that scares the shit out of some on the left. That this could build momentum for more liberty and less taxes, and support for Trump based on an improving economy. Where would be then? That would be bad for the "progressive" agenda (of more/bigger government), and that's what they’re really shrieking about. The same with hating the bill versus the people who support it. Whether you think this will work or not, the Republicans sincerely believe this will help.

This was prophetic -- it turns out after passing the bill the economy took off, and the Democrats were outraged that so many people would be helped by having more freedom and bigger paychecks. Never an apology, and in fact, they're plotting how they can re-enslave those revenues if they win in 2018, or 2020.


For most people, the meme's are out-of-context humor. For Rosie, they can sum up her entire life. They're not nice, but then that sort of sums it all up, now doesn't it.