Russian Psyops & Ads

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  1. Their spend was nominal ($200,000), Trump spent $60M and Hillary and the DNC is closer to $200M, not counting Soros's dark money and so on. It was not significant, and there's no evidence it changed a single voter.
  2. There's no evidence Russians favored the candidate that might be harder to work with (Trump), over one they'd already bought and paid for, in the past (Hillary).
  3. And all countries do this, Obama did this to them against Putin and did more against Netanyahu (which built some of the animosity).
  4. If the goal was to undermine our trust, it turns out the DNC and media fixing the election (colluding with Hillary, or getting caught being partisan, etc) all did far more harm that than the Russians.

So this is a non-story, it's non-criminal, and the worst we found is some weaksauce Ad Buys that were a small fraction the size of the Hillary Campaign, Soros, or the DNC.