Russian Roulette

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There was no greater champion of Russian Conspiracy theories on Trump-Russia collusion, than Eric Swalwell. And none so blind to the far deeper ties to Hillary, Obama or the DNC than Eric Swalwell. When the Mueller probe blew-up and showed that not only hadn't Trump colluded with Russia, but his administration had turned down opportunities to do so -- none were as crushed as Eric. Did he apologize? Admit his mistakes? Puhlease. He's just a cowardly troll that went on to the next thing to try to get media attention.

Eric Swalwell
Eric Michael Swalwell is an obnoxious politician (ex DNC Presidential Candidate) from a district next to me. His defining cause was his fascist positions against guns and for Gun Control including door-to-door seizures and using nukes against those who resisted (his words). He spoke at my work as a representative of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology: he didn't have a clue on any of those. He lead a crusade for knife control (against lifting a ban against pocketknives at airports). I went in open-minded and curious what he had to say about tech, and I left with utter contempt and disgust that this guy was a member of my species. He made me unsure if he wasn't just Maxine Waters wearing whiteface and in drag.



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