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You wouldn't think knitters were a bunch of intolerant radical haters... but SJW's are infecting everywhere, and feel the need to make everything political. They're like vegans at a BBQ, these cry-bullies are sharing their superiority and attacking everyone who doesn't agree with their leftist agenda and virtue signaling, and they find reasons to hate and attack the most benign of people or topics. Like Monty Python's spam, where they injected spam into everywhere it doesn't belong.


📚 References

Real Hate
This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have read or seen much about. This isn't just inciting violence, but committing it in order to encourage more of it (or to stifle the opposition). The point being that if this is news to you, and some of these are more horrific and newsworthy than lesser things that you have heard about, then that's evidence of FakeNews. That your information is being censored (filtered) and you're not getting a balanced view of reality.