Scampeachment 2.0

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Scampeachment the non-impeachment impeachment, where the Constitution and historical process/norms are ignored, so that Pelosi can try to circumvent Democracy and election her side lost, torpedo the next election, and give her side cover and leak rumors, without having to be accountable. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

This Scampeachment 2.0 is where the Democrats and their media promised to impeach Trump from before he was in office, and kept floating Trial balloons on what he should be guilty of. Most fell flat, but a Fake Quid-Pro-Quo got a partisan vote in the house and yawns in the Senate. Then the Chewbacca taking selfies with Pelosi's podium was something they thought they could pin on him. And for the emotion, irrational, and those not paying attention, it could persuade them. If by persuade we mean not change their mind in the slightest on what they already believed: that Trump is Satan. So they rushed a case through the house without any evidence, witnesses, defense or even a good basis for impeachment formed -- because they wanted the charade that "he was still in office" while impeached. Then they stalled sending it to the Senate, so they wouldn't have to face any critical thinkers or scrutiny and the Senate control switched to Democrats and they could go full Kangaroo court. A summary of the evidence wouldn't be enough to convince a Cambodian roadside hit squad that they had a case. Let's go through it.

Videos - They didn't present any facts that the house had used. Because the house hadn't used any to begin with -- just straight line partisan vote to convict was enough. But they hacked up some videos as "evidence"... only the videos were out of context lies that would have never been allowed in a court of law. The Trump team just offered all the context was hacked out, and the total tone changed. Each clip in the video would have been disqualified in a court for omission of exculpatory evidence. Thus, there was nothing left.



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A list of articles on Trump, his scandals (real and imagined). My goal isn't to cheerlead or slam, but I am anti-establishment and have the most interest in the parts of the story that the media/left has omitted, and giggle at cry-bullies getting their comeuppance. That's probably too much nuance for many, as anything but rabid attacks make many think I'm a Trump lover. While I wish he was a better behaved champion and didn't get in the mud with the pigs, but if he didn't, he'd be Mitt Romney and he'd likely lose. So they despise him for doing what they do back to them. I don't like either of them, but I like the one fighting for individuals more than the ones fighting to oppress them.
This impeachment (scampeachment/shampeachment) is where the Democrats and their media impeached Trump because they don't like him or his politics, spun the facts around like a centrifuge, misinformed anyone that listened to them -- and despite their best efforts to Kavanaugh Donald Trump, the lost big time: both with the law, and with voters, and it will go down in history as an embarrassing time for the country. The mainstream medias coverage was 100% biased in favor of the Democrats, but the informed and critical thinkers could see through that.