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The lines between Science and Religion are becoming blurred. Especially the left's Alternate Science. When you mix Science and Politics, you get politics. When you mix Science and strong political beliefs, you get a religion. Science is skepticism and questioning, Fascism is consensus. When science stops being about doubt and skepticism and is about conformity and crushing anyone questioning the consensus, that's not science any more. So science through the lens of an agenda, becomes that agenda.

There's very few scientific facts, and most of the past ones we were 100% sure were right, turned out to be wrong later. There are LOTS of scientific theories, that the layperson thinks is fact, like anthropogenic global warming, that oil is dinosaur juice (Fossil Fuels) versus abiotic oil. There's a whole lot that's new or relatively new: like the whole concept of tectonic plates and how the earth moves was popularized in my lifetime (1960's). There's a whole lot of unknowns that we just can't explain at all: read Unexplained Phenomena. Then there's things we can only hypothesize about, but have no way to prove/disprove, thus it's a scientific religion: dark matter, dark energy, how many dimensions in super-string theory, and so on. These people are unaware of the 4 Stages of Scientific Discovery.

The democrats are often screaming about how, "Science" validates their view, but only by ignoring all contradictions, skeptics and doubters. Then they want to legislate and force others into acceptance, based on "Science".... when science is the people still questioning the claims, not those that are bleating like sheeple and following it.

If you want to see how sincere they are in their beliefs, just jujitsu them and agree. Fine, let's punish those that don't agree with science like those that use billions of wasted dollars on embryonic stem cell research that was less effective than the alternatives, outlawing organic food or GMO's since it's not as efficient per acre of land, Nuclear Power Plants would spring up like dandelions and we could stop with less efficient Solar/Wind farm, vegan or raw-foodies would be put up for child abuse, PETA and Greenpeace would be outlawed for the damages they did to science (and as terrorist organizations). Is that REALLY the world you want to live in? It seems to be what democrats advocate, unless you start trying to apply their rules fairly (e.g. back at them).

Religion isn't as extreme as leftism.

  1. There's the real debate about religion, and tolerance for each others views (more or less).
  2. While coastal liberals are bashing the religious views of the right, they fail to grok that roughly 3/4ths of democrats and 4/5ths of independents believe in the Bible too
  3. Or missing how separated belief in science and religion can be: Darwin, Einstein believed in God, while Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot were atheists. And Hitler, would public praise religion while privately deriding it.

That isn't to play guilt by association, but just to point out that we can cherry pick examples to prove what we want.

Religion is just one small aspect of someone's lives, and humans can compartmentalize, and religion and science are not mutually things on the same dimension, nor is bad behavior coupled with religion, or science coupled to being objective, as some will try to sell you.

It's fine if you think you know (or don't know) something. The problem is when you can no longer leave enough room in the universe for others to disagree with you.

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This article is about various cults, what are they, what do they do, and what does it mean? Well the word comes from cultus, latin for worship. The definition is usually pejoratively used to refer to a group or sect bound together by veneration (worship) of the same person, object, beliefs, or goal. It's also used for anything that veers from popular or correct norms -- so usually they have a false idol, believe in a false prophet/leader, or have quirky beliefs and practices -- and will stick to beliefs despite any evidence that contradicts them. So there are things you can look for that differentiate a sect or clique, from something that's gone full cult.
Religion is a mirror on out soul, it tells others who we are, and what we believe.
Climate "Science" has all the tenets of being a religion. People can't explain why they believe it, but they trust what others tell them, they get angry if you question it (especially if you know more than them), they even want to make Heresy (non-belief) into a crime.