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America was founded on the idea that "Guns are liberties teeth", and if you can't trust your public to defend themselves, or to defend their liberty, then the government is corrupted beyond repair and it's time for a new one. To the left, that's an antiquated idea that needs to change -- so that they can remake America in a different image. To the informed, those actions are proof that the left is exactly the kind of leaders and issue positions that the founders were warning against, and the Second Amendment was written for.

Issue Lie Truth
Second Amendment The left hates and fears guns and individual liberty, thus everything about the Second Amendment. Since they can't repeal it, they just want to undermine it, breaking their oath of office (to defend the Constitution). If you think guns kill people, then of course you want to eliminate all guns. Since those truths aren't popular, they must lie and pretend they're not against all guns. But they are. And the informed know it. If you know the basics of guns and how they operate, you know that the left has yet to offer a "reasonable" gun control. Every idea for restricting a natural right/freedom only sounds reasonable to the uniformed, but are based on a complete lack of understanding about guns, human nature, crime, the law, and the consequences of their policies. The politicians actively oppose things that might help because doing so would weaken their agenda to eliminate more guns, or to get elected by campaigning against them.
❝ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ❞

The left vehemently disagrees.


Now let's list just a few of the examples of how the left (especially progressive left) has virtually always opposed the 2A or reasonable gun control: 15 items

  • 2019.04.11 Photos of guns are criminal - To show how absurd the leftist PC movement is getting in our schools, two male students (Lacey Township High School, New Jersey) did a weekend run range trip and posted non-threatening photos to Snapchat, with the caption, "if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, you know where to go." Not at school, nothing about tthe school, and they auto-deleted (24 hours) before the school was aware. So they were suspended for 3 days and given detention. The ACLU did a good thing and filed suit. That was a step too far, even for them. They haven't changed their deluded view that the 2nd is the only Bill of Rights Amendment that wasn't intended for the people (individuals), despite clearly saying it was (both in the amendment and writings of the authors/ratifiers), so they're only protecting the students 1A rights, not 2A rights. Which proves they're not a pro-constitution or pro-civil rights organization, but they will protect some of them, in some cases.
  • 2nd Amendment was about the militia -
    There are a few late 20th century inventions in the war against civil liberties (and the 2nd), but few as virulent and wrongheaded as that the 2nd amendment was about "the militia" and the militia meant "National Guard" (something that wasn't invented until 1903). These assumptions fail at Logic, English, History, and Constitutional Law, and there were the founders words, Supreme Court rulings, and experts in language and history that all but unanimously disagree with them. Of course mere facts won't prevent the determined from demonstrating the Dunning-Kruger effect, but hopefully the evidence can deter a few of them from demonstrating their willful ignorance in the future.
  • 2nd Amendment was for muskets -
    There’s a common argument (fallacy) that the Second Amendment didn't project changes in armament / technology, thus it couldn’t have been intended to apply to modern pistols and rifles (most of whose designs actually go back to the 1800’s or early 1900’s). This argument completely fails on the intent of the 2nd (which was about balancing power), but it even more strongly fails on understanding gun technology and history. At the founding of the country they had 8-shot revolvers, 9 shot "repeaters", 11-shot field artillery pieces, Jefferson even had a 22 shot repeating rifle. Not to mention "burst mode" automatics that fired up to 20 rounds with a single pull of the trigger. And during the remainder of their lives, not one of the founding fathers came forward to complain that technology was advancing beyond the intent of the 1st or 2nd Amendments.
  • Concealed carry - Concealed carry facts:
  • They commit fewer crimes than the population, or police
  • They have better records on shooting than the populace or police
  • The fallacy with more guns = more crime is disproven by the fact that states with the most conceal and carry permits, have lower crimes -- and the trends as C&C goes up, crime has not
  • Do something -
    After every mass shooting (especially School shootings), there's the hue and cry, "this happened again, we have to do something!" They usually don’t say what, and the few who do, usually aren't very informed on the topic. So let's tear it down and look at what we should do, and should not do, and what people are asking for. And understand why were are likely to stay divided between gun controllers and those with a clue.
  • Gun Quotes -
    Here are my favorite gun quotes. This quote sums up the key problem with gun-controllers arguments: they're unintentional hypocrites or fools. You can’t eliminate a tool, or knowledge of it. All that you can do is decide whether there should be a balance of power, or none. Some believe in that balance, others believe that the state is never wrong, especially if you ignore the History of all the times they’ve been wrong in the past. Liberty •  Militia Meaning Militia Dependent •  Founding Fathers •  Legal Famous People OpponentsObama
  • Gun control or gun ban? - Some claim, "nobody wants to take your guns, we just want a few 'reasonable' controls on them". But if we pretend that gun control works (by ignoring facts and history), and we assume guns are the problem, then there is no such thing as gun-control: you need gun bans. "Controlling" semi-auto rifles means you have to control semi-auto-pistols... and then revolvers, and pump/lever action, then bolt action guns (which committed one of our worst mass shootings in American history) and the results are, there are no safe guns in the hands of crazies. Thus logic says they're lying, either to us, themselves or both. So I've yet to meet the gun-controller that will be satisfied with X, when that means their neighbors will still have guns.
  • Just Ban Assault Rifles - Anyone that says any variant of "Just ban assault rifles", "no one should own military grade weapons", or "it's not all guns, just these killing machines" shows they are completely ignorant about assault rifles, or bans. This article breaks down why you can't ban "Assault Rifles", and why it would be moronic to try.
  • Magazine Limits - Magazine limits have never been shown to have any impact on gun crime, crime, or casualties in mass shootings. Democrats demand low capacity magazines either knowing that (and not caring), or being ignorant of the topic they're trying to legislate. Persecuting someone knowing that your law can't help is kinda the definition of asshole.
  • Militia and United Airlines Flight 93 - A column from Sept 2001 (National Review Online) explained the basics of why the Militia hasn't been superseded by the National Guard. On 09/11 who prevented United Airlines Flight 93 from reaching its target? The National Guard? The regular Army? The D.C. Police Department? None of these had a presence on Flight 93 because, in a free society, professional law-enforcement and military personnel cannot be everywhere. Terrorists and criminals are well aware of this — indeed, they count on it. Who is everywhere? The people the Founders referred to as the "general militia."Cell-phone calls from the plane revealed that it was members of the general militia, not organized law enforcement, who successfully prevented Flight 93 from reaching its intended target and saved the lives of many others, by sacrificing their own. That's why the general militia is better than the organized militia, and always will be. We used to call it civic responsibility.
  • No Fly Lists for gun owners -
    The left demands that we close the “insane” loophole that allows people on the No Fly List to buy guns. Which begs the question, who gets on that list, and how do you get off it, if you're on it by mistake? What we know is there's thousands of people that shouldn't be on there, on it. No known way for them to get off it. And no mass shooter has ever been on it. Sounds like a good enough reason to assume your guilt and take away your rights, to a Democrat.
  • Reasonable Gun Laws -
    There’s an oft repeated fallacy that “all we want it a few more ‘reasonable’ gun laws” but (insert either the NRA, evil republicans, gun-nuts), won’t be reasonable. So let's talk about "what's reasonable", and explain some of the complexities that the reasonable laws on the books already look like, to understand why some are so hesitant to ask for more. If you want to be reasonable, you first need to be informed, and get the basics right. How can you reason with an ignoramus (well meaning or not)? So the first step to reasonable gun laws, is educating the gun controllers, on what guns are, how they work, and how bad the current laws are.
  • Rifle, Pistol or SBR -
    There’s an oft repeated fallacy that “all we want it a few more ‘reasonable’ gun laws” but (insert either the NRA, evil republicans, gun-nuts), won’t be reasonable. So let's talk about "what's reasonable", and explain some of the complexities that the reasonable laws on the books already look like, to understand why some are so hesitant to ask for more.
  • Shotspotter -
    Progressives are full of good ideas on how to spend other people's money, on ways to avoid blaming criminals for their actions. This one was by spending ≈$250,000/square mile (or about $60-90K/sq mi in yearly reoccurring costs), you could detect and send cops to scenes of shootings. And liberals who watch too much CSI pressed many cities to adopt the expensive systems. How are they working?


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