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Everything I know about sex in one article: in, out, repeat if necessary. Finished.

Actually, this is more just about articles that have a topic about sex. And maybe there's some pearls of wisdom in there... or if not, I'm just the grain of sand that irritates the oyster into making a pearl (to borrow a quote from Ross Perot).


My real name is Eros, the Greek God of Erotic love: thanks Mom, I appreciate your sense of humor. I changed my name at 8, because I didn't want to underperform my whole life with a name like Eros. Aristu / Aristotle is my Persian name... and I'd much rather go by Ari the philosopher than a diaper wearing and Arrow shooting little boy myth. And yes, I know that's Cupid, Eros was an adult that had a serious job to do -- but it turns out most people don't know the difference and I wasn't going to spend my life correcting them. But still, with a name like Eros, and a curiosity like mine, I read/studied a lot on the topic of sex and love, and did some homework as well. I might not be that good on the written exams, but I always got good marks on the oral ones.

9 years a virgin - I'm always worried about starting an article with the truth like saying, "I had sex with an 11 year old". It's not good for the search engine optimization... I never know what kind of sickos google search results will troll on keywords like that. Some important context, I was 9 at the time -- so I'm not a perv, she was the one teaching me (sorta). I'm not attracted to kids, heck, I'm not even attracted to the hot "barely legal" porn that many guys my age seem to be into. (I think trying to recapture their youth). But I want someone I can have a conversation with, and not think be thinking, "she's younger than my imaginary kids". So this isn't a pedophiles confessions (bleck), nor should it attract them (I hope). This is just cathartic writing about my life's experiences.