Shadow Banning

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Some chickenshit institutions (like Twitter) don't have the balls to come out and explain their policies outright. (Probably because they don't want to be held to the same standards). So they "Shadow Ban" folks -- which is basically silently blocking customers (preventing others from seeing them), and not living up to their expected terms of use, of sharing what the user chooses to share, not what Twitter feels like sharing.

And the idea of automating this banning with AI and ML, doesn't make me feel any better. An algorithm is only as good and unbiased as the coder... and ML is only as good as the data that's pumped into it. It's easy to write an ML algorithm to think that "Big government = good", and "more liberty = bad". Or "white privileged crooked rape defender = good, but OrangeMan=Bad!". Or other far left intersectional hypocrisy.

As I have no confidence in bay area folks ability to be non-partisan and objective (I live and work among them), thus I have no confidence in their FakeNews filtering to be anything by pro-fascism or pro-collectivist claptrap. Thus twitter is to objectivity what Hitler was for Pizza Ovens.


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