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Activists aren't moderates.

Shanon founded "Moms Demand Action" to spread lies about guns and shooting to further her anti-2A agenda. Another ignorant loudmouth with a cause. I don't like ignorant know-it-alls, especially the sanctimonious hypocrite and willing-to-lie-for-their-cause kind. She talked about rate of fire, and fucked it up (10 rounds per minute was exceeded in the 1600's). Then she rants about a scary assault gun, that's actually a bolt-action .22 LR rifle (it just has some cosmetics that confuse the clueless like Shannon into thinking it's an assault rifle). Then she told an author who lost both parents before 20 that she's privileged because she's white. She's the perfect figurehead for the gun-control movement: loud, stupid, and thinks she's smart.

Kind of person - If you want to see what kind of person Shannon is, read this exchange, it says it all: loud, wrong, and not smart enough to know when to put down the megaphone. She attacked a woman who was Doxxed by the Daily Stormer and had her mom die at 16, dad committed suicide at 19, and grew up dirt poor, because "She is privileged". Shanon says she should "get a dog" (instead of a gun), accused the woman of denying there's any racism (and that's why she thinks she's "privileged"). The only thing Shannon is missing is a T in front of her last name.

Rate of fire -
Head of Moms Demand Action (Shannon Watts) explained in a now famous (and deleted) tweet that, "An assault weapon enables humans to shoot 10 rounds in one minute." And went on that any gun that exceeds that rate of fire should be banned as an assault weapon. There were guns in the 1600's that exceeded that rate of fire, by a lot. Learn the basics please.

After the media shifted to trying to raise the age of buying a hunting rifle to 21, she tweeted this. It is a .22 LR, bolt action rifle for plinking and target practice. It is literally, one of the lowest power and slowest to fire rifles on the market. But because this one has some plastic and metal ornamentation (like a barrel shroud or adjustable stock) she thinks it is an assault rifle and should be banned. You can't make this shit up.


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