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I was pulling in to gas station and as I got out of my car I noticed the cop watching a woman smoking a cigarette while gassing up her car. I saw her and thought, what an idiot. I actually had to look twice, it looked like someone I knew, but thankfully it wasn't. I went inside to grab a bottle of water and while I was checking out I heard a woman screaming. I looked out and it was the woman who was smoking, her arm was on fire and she was waving her arm around and screaming hysterically. I ran outside and by then the cop had her on the ground and had put the fire out with an extinguisher. As I watched as he started cuffing her while opening the back of the squad car.

I wondered what he was arresting her for, thinking that having her arm catch on fire would be punishment enough. So I asked.... the cop looked right at me and said ... 'for waving a firearm'!!!

Persecuting smoking and smokers is a modern witch hunt among the left, as proven by the intolerance of progressive areas (California, Oregon, Washington, NY, Mass., etc). Of course that's anti-Science. While smoking isn't healthy it's not as unhealthy as a bad genes, not exercising, bad diet, or bad attitude (stress) -- if you can regulate smoking based on public health claims then the state could regulate all those others (and some are trying. Many of the studies were fraudulent to get the laws, doubly so for the second hand smoke scares, or the false (unsupported) claims that it increases healthcare costs (they die quicker so it saves money). It was all flim-flam to allow the anti-liberty fascists to tell us what to do with our bodies, in our property, "for our own good".



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