Social Media Censorship

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The most left-leaning tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram are the ones that are most likely to censor/filter what the public sees... in the name of free speech of course. Which on one hand would be fine (they're private companies), if they hadn't sold people on getting an account and giving up their data, under the fraud that they would be fair, non-partisan and for freedom of information: things that all turned out to be lies.


  • Twitter is shadow banning conservatives
  • Google claims they want open discussions, then fires people for speaking truths that are politically incorrect
  • Facebook "filters" what is news and has more control over your own feed than you do
  • YouTube bans (downgrades) Prager University videos, despite none of them being factually incorrect (just conservative in spin)
  • Instagram is blocking conservatives/Women's self defense organizations
  • Pinterest is shadow banning conservatives


When it comes to Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of the Right Wing Press (Radio, TV or Internet), the left has almost always opposed it. At least if you're saying anything they don't like.