Sotomayor accusations of bias

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Sotomayor accusations of bias

While most of the Supreme Court justices know how to bite their tongue and not inject more politics into decisions (and divide the nation) that common sense doesn't apply always to RGB and Sotomayor. The latter accused Conservative Justices of a Trump bias, for not being anti-Trump biased like she is. The crime, the Court sided with Trump that immigrants could be denied a green card if the government thought that those non-citizens would rely on public assistance. It wasn't even a ruling, just that the status quo could be maintained while they waited on a ruling. For that common sense position (e.g. non-liberal one), she quipped, “the Court’s recent behavior on stay applications has benefited one litigant over all others.” The alternative was to continue to let far left activist judges in lower courts create stays and override Presidential powers while deciding every case. Something Sotomayor and the left would have gone ballistic over if someone tried it on Obama.


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Obama SCOTUS Pick Sotomayor the "wise latina" picked for her identity and politics more than her accomplishments, seems to be plenty willing to politicize the court, and lower the tone. Not unlike Obama himself. Here's a few examples.
The Supremes is my shorthand for the Supreme Court Justices. Here's a little background on them.
Supreme Court
There are two truths about the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS):
  1. That it was a great idea, and copied by many since.
  2. That Democrats have tried to alternately over-empower it, corrupt or undermine it (and the appointments), since it's creation; depending on whether SCOTUS was furthering or undermining their agenda of taking power away from the states and people, and giving it to the elites.