Sutherland Springs shooting

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A man illegally obtained a gun illegally (after the government screwed up by not registering multiple felonies), and was stopped by a good guy (NRA trainer) with an AR-15.


Devin Kelley

was in fact not legally allowed to purchase firearms because of his domestic assault record. Air Force failed to submit his record to the FBI

Nice article about how damaging/invasive the Press can be. We really should consider press-pools (data sharing), or even information suppression in cases like this.

While it's a little off-topic, the sensationalization of these events, is attention chow for sociopaths and copy-cats that want their 15 minutes (or 15 days) of fame. So while the media is only feeding our appetite for tragedy and rubber-necking, it leads to more deaths -- and is the answer for why does this keep happening here, and how do we stop/slow it.

Rather than cries for gun-control, something that is more likely to have a positive response is media control. Not to mention more human compassion for the victims.

Steven Crowder deconstructs some of the media lies on this shooting, like:

  • MSNBC panel make easily refutable claims like "it's harder to cash a check than to buy a gun"
  • MSNBC, "it's easier to buy a gun than get a driver's license".
  • MSNBC, "an assault rifle is different than a gun."
  • Democrat representative told CNN that the shooter was "Sam Hyde,"
  • The shooter purchased his gun through "the domestic violence loophole," which doesn't exist.
  • Lie of omission by ignoring that Stephen Willeford used an AR-15 to end Kelley's murderous rampage

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