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"More: 9/11 truthers, Obama birther movement, anti-vaxxers, GMO's Nuclear energy, \"free” anything (healthcare, education, etc), CO2 (Global Warming), Fluoride, fracking, obesity, DDT, gluten, FDA, bottled water, Alar, salt, fat, polyunsaturated fat, sugar, artificial sweetener, food coloring, diet soda, DDT Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Bird Flu, SARS, and so on. The Ozone hole, gun control.

Democrats exceeds Republicans on being anti-science on the following topics: 9/11 truthers, Trump-Russia Collusion, Hollywood anti-vaxxers, GMOs, Organic Food, vegans, anti-Nuclear energy, gender is a preference, green energy, economics, "free" anything (healthcare, education, etc), Global Warming / 97%, Fluoride, Bees (Colony Collapse Disorder), fracking, exaggerated scares about obesity, second hand smoke, DDT, gluten, bottled water, alar, salt, fat, sugar, artificial sweetener, butter, food coloring, diet soda, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Bird Flu, SARS, astrology, UFOs, Ghosts, reincarnation, fortune telling, Bermuda Triangle, spiritual energy, Ozone hole, gun control works, citizens united conferred corporate personhood and much more.

What anti-science stuff, did the Democrats give us?

  • over half believing in divine intervention wrt creation/evolution
  • 9/11 truthers (like Louis Farrakhan).
  • fear of frankenfoods
  • transfats
  • BPA in plastic
  • Cell phones cause cancer
  • electronic cigarettes
  • Oregon did the floride paranoia thing
  • Hollywood is full of anti-vaxxers (though they‚Äôre split roughly equally by party)
  • GMO's are bad
  • all the FDA's discredited fat/salt/dietary stuff
  • Food grown in sewage is safer than purified fertilizers (Organic movement)
  • Anti-Nuclear energy
  • CO2 scares
  • exaggerated scares about obesity or DDT
  • magnetic fields from high power lines mess with people
  • minimum wage has no negative impacts to poor, teens or business
  • dems believe the middle class has been flat or declining
  • \"free‚Äù anything (healthcare, education, etc)
  • fracking causes flaming water
  • gluten phobia
  • gun control works
  • Iraq was about oil, and other historical delusions
  • You don't grow brain cells as you get older[1]
  • and so on, and so on...

But even in ALL of those lefty started or majority things, there's mixing in both sides. Like all the ones that left attacks the right over, often started on their side too, they're just better at suppressing people publicly with political-correctness and bullying.

Then when you look deeper, you find degrees of stupidity within those movements. E.g. not everyone that's anti-vaxxer is equally wrong. There are educated and non-educated anti-vaxxers. Those claiming the ties to autism could be very scientific, just going with old (and long disproven) data. But there are very valid examples of vaccination causing harm (like happened in Japan with their tainted MMR vaccine). And then you get into realities of herd immunity, and threshold's in your community, and it gets fuzzier. I've heard very intelligent and scientifically valid anti-vaccination arguments, and some very dumb (anti-science) pro-vaccine arguments. And I'm pro-vaccine. So believing the risks outweighs the rewards, isn't irrational or anti-science, it's how extreme and how willing you are to consider new facts that defines whether you're anti-science or not.

The same with many of the other issues. There's a rational anti-GMO subset, and an irrational one. You need to talk with them on why, and see how open they are to facts, before making a judgement off more than \"yes/no\".

There are pro-science (and anti-science) folks on both side's of every argument, even when I disagree with them (and I almost always lean towards pro-science view myself). But to get any depth of understanding, you'd have to see which of those arguments appeal to which side.