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DNC harassment and assaults of Trump supporters
Protests and Riots by the left

Violence & Vandalism

Threats and rhetoric:


Exaggeration/incitement/drama from the left

Admissions the lefts tone contributes to the problem


FakeHate: it looks just like hate, only from the left

  • Ignoring the good: the left ignores or downplays everything good Trump has done in his life. This isn't to excuse that he's a bit of New York Jerk, but he was loved and defended by the media, until he got into politics on the side they hated. Once he did that, they suppress telling the truth about his past, or present. [1]
  • They go apoplectic by being called Fake News, but the truth is there's thousands of examples of them being Fake News [2]
  • Real Hate: the right has documented 310+ cases of hate and attacks against Trump supporters by the left.[3]
  • Fake Hate: then there are over 546 cases where the left pretended to be a right winger and committed acts of violence to prove there was a problem that you needed them to fix. (167 just since Trump was elected). And that's just what we know of, we have lots of a reason to suspect there was more than that.