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2019.03.14 Christchurch Shooting

Brenton Tarrant (28)
Dead/Injured: 50/100
Weapon: Shotgun, Assault Rifle
🚫 Gun Free Zone
🎮 Video Games

A Green Nationalist (eco-Fascist), who hates Capitalism, Conservatism, and is Chinese Communist sympathizer. He doesn't like Trump, shot "muslim invaders" because immigrants were over-populating the planet and causing Global Warming, and used a gun instead of bombs, because he felt the left-wing gun-controllers would be his tools and magnify his message, and start a civil war trying to disarm honest citizens. The left ignores that, and spins it as he is a right-winger.
  • Politics: ⬅️ Left
❌ Gun Control can't help: legally bought, illegally modified, used in gun-free zone

❔Maybe: Video Game / Violence regulations
❔ Maybe: Media Suppression
✅ Pay attention to warning signs
✅ Better Security (more Conceal and Carry)

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