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Unity is surrender to the left. Healing is cutting out the conservative tumor. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

Barack Obama ran as the great uniter, "Not a red America or blue America, but the United States of America"... and he governed as a far-left impotent fascist dictator that increased the divide on racial and party lines, and the rise of Occupy Wall Street, BLM, Antifa, ISIS, and so on. It's what community organizers do. Joe Biden, had the closest “win” with the lowest vote integrity of any President, ever, why shouldn’t he demonstrate contemptuousness of the other sides interests in the name of unity and healing? Instead of acting at all like the moderate he pretended he was on the campaign, his caustic inauguration speech and immediate executive order lets everyone know he is just attempting to be Obama 2.0 with 1/3rd less brains or charm. He didn't extend an oliver branch or show any moderation/compromises/healing on his first day, or his first week in office. He picked a radical/extremist cabinet based on gender or skin color (and ideological extremism) instead of qualifications, and ramrodded 30 executive orders through in his first week (causing 70,000 jobs), and he broke multiple campaign promises in the process. Zero unity or healing was offered, it was all divisiveness.

Day 1

Inauguration day poem
Roses are red...

Assholes are brown....
Biden is President...
Until Kamala steals the crown....

Today is uniting...
By Executive Fiats
There's nothing exciting
About antifa riots

I'm waiting for the healing
I hear it is coming
from the Liar in chief
whose mind is succumbing...

Goodbye energy independence
you were nice to have known...
Bye to the 1,2,4,9 and 10th amendments
you'll be replaced, with a progressive Throne

So onward to the past
With taxes and regulation...
And other things that lead
To economic stagnation...

  • It started with hypocrisy of the left screaming at Trump for bringing military in to protect DC after the DNC's Antifa riots tried to burn down historic churches during the summer, then because a handful of Conspiracy Crazies amongst 800,000 peaceful protestors had walked in practically unopposed to the House Chamber (and did almost no damage), the Democrats turned DC into a militarized zone with 25,000 troops, private security, gun boats patrolling the river and tanks on the streets, Pelosi wanted .50 cal machine gun nests as well, but the military denied her requests. And to show contempt for the troops, they made them sign special allegiance to the DNC (seriously).
  • While Biden claimed he wanted unity and healing his surrogates were doing a fake impeachment #2 for Trump's high crime of exercising his first amendment rights (by saying people should peacefully march to the capitol). The rioters had left before the speech, and a few broke into the Capitol as they had planned weeks in advance... but the Democrats impeached Trump for inciting it? Biden never asked his side should stand down (what healing and unity would look like). Nor did he do his duty to defend the nation against those violating the constitution: they are trying to overturn a future election by barring Trump from running, with an illegal impeachment (you can only impeach people who are in office, based on high crimes, and the punishment is to throw them out of office -- Trump is out of office, and this wasn't a high crime). [1]
  • Biden's acceptance speech said a few bland and forgettable things about peace and unity... and then went into we must witch hunt the political opposition and root out the imaginary "White Supremacists" amd dark forces (e.g. Trump supporters in his age addled mind). And never once asked for calm from his side, or complained about the entire year of violence from the left. In fact he incited them with the fake justification of social injustices to keep them inflamed, which they responded to with a few riots on that day. While the imaginary right wingers in white sheets never materialized, like the black hooded thugs did on Trump's inaugeration, the black hooded Antifa terrorists did attack a few different cities after hearing Joe's speech (Portland, Seattle, . The media and left ignored it, and didn't charge Biden with inciting it like they did Trump. Hypocritical double-standards is what peace and unity looks like to the left. [2]
  • China and Iran both offered threats and intimidation against Americans (Trump and his administration) -- including China banning most of Trump's cabinet (legal representatives of the U.S.) from ever visiting China. A strong leader would say an attack on any American's liberty is an attack on all American's liberty -- and protest. Or just reciprocate in kind for China's civil rights abuses (Genocide against the Uyghur), the rounding up of Hong Kong's political opposition, or for unleashing COVID-19 on the world and suppressing information that would have saved lives. But Joe Biden just nods approvingly, he's been bought and paid for. [3]
  • Amnesty for illegals -- no attempts to work with Republicans, just an effort to reward illegal immigration, encourage more of it, and discount the other sides concerns. [4] Then, overriding ICE and common sense, Biden put a pause on deporting illegal aliens (even criminal ones) for 100 days, sticking taxpayers with the Bill. [5]
  • The far left NYT created the completely discredited distortion of history called the 1619 Project. Trump and the right tried to defend our history against the marxist revisionists with a more accurate retelling of what makes America great and our history called the 1776 Commission. It's very commission was to, "renew Americans unity". Biden deleted the website on day one, and killed the commission. There will be no celebrating our accomplishments from the America Last administration, and there will be no efforts to renew American's unity. [6]
  • Biden immediately blocked the Keystone Pipeline, to put a thousand union workers out of jobs immediately (up to 11,000 over time) -- and caused a significant rift with Canada who is well invested into the $8B project being stopped for purely partisan political reasons. [7] (Remember, if you remove the pipeline, you don't stop shipping/production of oil/gas -- all you do is move it less green, more expensive and less safe trucks and trains). Biden's Russian/Ukrainian benefactor were excited at the idea of more foreign energy dependence and higher energy costs that will come from the move. And the Biden Administrations Transportation Secretary (Pete Buttigieg), showed healing and unity, by telling them to piss off and just get a new career. [8]
  • In an unprecedented move he fired National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) general counsel (Peter Robb), instead of following political norms and waiting for his term to end in November. This is unheard of partisanism (with no other cause given) in the history of the NLRB. The position is supposed to be free from political manipulations by administration, and this destroys the independence of the agency, and Biden's own promise that we should stop politicizing everything. Biden also had Michael Ellis of NSA "put on leave" for being from the wrong party. [9]
  • The average is 1 executive Order on day 1, to not seem too rash. Biden signed 17 (15 EO's and 2 Executive Actions). Not one was the slightest bit a gift to the other side, or anything that would not polarize us more:
  1. An executive order requiring that people wear masks on federal property, because Science and common sense demonstrates they haven't helped. If ignoring their personal liberties doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies, the same day, a few hours after signing this, Joe Biden went over to the Lincoln Memorial with his family for publicity shots and they failed to wear masks or social distance. The signal here is clear: the rules don't apply to Democrats. [10] The State Media decided not to report on the emperors new lack of pandemic clothing. (They followed up the next day with Press breifings in the nude (sans maks), showing that they have no intentions of obeying the rules the elites created for the peasants. [11]
  2. The launch of a “100 Days Masking Challenge” to encourage Americans to wear masks. <- symbolic stupidity.
  3. The reversal of Trump’s decision to remove the US and offer support to the corrupt World Health Organization, which helped the Chinese spread and maximize the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Barack Obama created the totally redundant Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense team (2015), which had overlap with 2 other NSC (National Security Council) agencies (arms control and nonproliferation, weapons of mass destruction terrorism). Trump consolidated these into a single agency to avoid conflict and miscommunication. Joe Biden quickly made sure there would be more redundancy and waste by recreating the team.
  5. Biden broke his first Campaign Promise when he called to extend COVID-19 aid by $1400 instead of the $2000 he promised -- and then asked various departments to increase taxpayer and landlord burdens by extending eviction and foreclosure moratoriums and pausing payments for federal loans.[12] And the only way to get that money was if Congress agreed to sign a bill laden with lefty pork and handouts, at the taxpayers expense. "Here's $1,400 of the $2,000 I promised you, and a bill for $3,000 to cover the services I provided in getting it for you".
  6. Since the U.S. was the only country to exceed the requirements of the failed Paris Agreement on climate change (and others failed to meet it), Biden asked the U.S. to re-join it within 30 days, just to attack Trump and his supporters. (With no known benefit, since scientists admit the agreement is symbolic and fails to achieve anything material, but does so at huge economic cost).
  7. An executive order to stop paying attention to the science, and resort to histrionics on climate change, and go back to punishing people for a non-existent crisis
  8. An executive order that imagines in "systemic racism" that are already against the law, and demands we waste money rooting out this non-existent unicorn. This also banned the 1776 commission for speaking truth to the left's lies.
  9. An executive order to cheat on the Census and add in illegal immigrants to inflate blue states numbers with non-citizens who can not vote, so should not be counted. (Reversing a Trump executive order that tried to restore honesty in accounting: and for purpose of representation only counting citizens).
  10. A memorandum to undermine immigration law and circumvent the legislative process by re-instating and imaging in powers for the DACA program.
  11. An executive action reversing the Obama suggested restrictions on immigration from countries that won't reliably share background on the immigrants that the far left and their media mislabeled as a "Muslim Ban" (even though it didn't restrict most Muslim countries, and blocked people regardless of religion)
  12. Open Borders EO -- it reverses separating children from pedophiles and human traffickers, and allows catch and release so that illegal immigrants can dissolve into the population with only the promise that they'll be given amnesty if they never show up. Putting immigration enforcement more in alignment with the “values and priorities.” of the America-Last administration.
  13. Pause the construction of the border wall with Mexico that was becoming way too effective, and is meant to be divisive and offensive to all Trump supporters (in the name of unity)
  14. A loophole to allow Liberians who have been in the US for a long time to stay, as if we're desperate for a 19th century librarians in the age of the Internet.
  15. An executive order to circumvent the legislative process and imagine into the civil rights act words and points that were never in it -- that you can't discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This will result in a crushing blow to women's sports as it forces any educational institution that receives federal funding to admit biologically male athletes into women's teams and to take the women's scholarships, it's another huge slap in the face to the first amendment (freedom of religion: including religions that believe in keeping men/women separated just got forced to comply or be excluded). This is likely to include or lead to eliminating separate locker rooms/showers and bunking, as that would be gender-based discrimination, all in denial of Science and the fact that men and women are different at the chromosomal level. [13]
  16. An executive order lowering ethics rules for government officials
  17. An executive order increasing regulatory burdens on government and business to reversing loosening that was enacted by the Trump administration.

A report says that this first day in office, cost 70,000 jobs: ≈17,500 with the keystone pipeline (direct and indirect), another 10,500 halting the border wall construction, and another 40,000 on suspending oil and gas permits on federal land. Not a bad day's work for a Democrat. [14]

Day 2

  • Biden Department of Interior has halted oil and gas leasing and permitting on federal lands for 60 days... for now. This is part of the promise to ban all new federal drilling permits in order to destroy millions of oil/energy jobs and drive up the cost of energy and everything dependent on it (with is pretty much everything), in order to replace them with less green alternatives (like Solar/Wind), all to appease the far-left watermelon "environmentalism" (green on the outside, red on the inside) and other clueless rubes. [15]
  • Bidens first legislative proposal shits on his promise of unity and healing by trying to legislate what the CBO says would kill 1.3 million jobs — the $15 minimum wage hike, that would benefit mostly kids and hurt small businesses, especially in red states. This and illegal immigration and energy cost hikes all stack to hurt small business and American workers during a pandemic. Good job Joe. [16]
  • Bidens first press briefing they took divisive jabs at Trump administration and promised to combat disinformation instead of spreading it, then lied about Trumps “Muslim Ban” that included non-Muslim countries, excluded most populous Muslim countries, was using an Obama era report on biggest threats, and the Supreme Court ruled was not religious motivated. So in their first presser, they lied about Trump, being better than Trump, and were intentionally dishonest and divisive, in order to heal and unite us? [17]
  • The national guard which was called in, in absurd numbers, under no credible threat, and were subjected to humiliating and disrespectful loyalty tests (and used their delusions as a call to purge conservatives from the military), and basically just used as props to pretend that a few folks in Chewbacca outfits allowed to walk into the Congress was an insurrection/coup. When they were used for their political theater, they were unceremoniously kicked out of the congress they were asked to protect, and thousands were stuck in a working garage, with one toilet an inadequate power for thousands of troops. Because that is how much the Democrats value our military and their service. [18]
  • The Biden administration leaked a lie (through "Anonymous Sources") to their PR mouthpieces CNN, MSDNC, TPM, Hillary, Pelosi, and all the liars and frauds on the left repeated without vetting that there was no existing coronavirus vaccine distribution plan (thanks to incompetent Trump administration) and they must start from scratch, and promised that through their prowess they would get up to 1M vaccinations in 100 days. CNN published the "scoop", and their rubes and the FakeNews echo chamber bought in. But it was quickly debunked by more credible news sources who know how to use Google and read the plans built-into Trump's Operation Warp Speed, and by many witnesses that were involved in that planning, and by the fact that the Trump administration had already gotten 35 million doses out (with "no plan"?), and Bloomberg Business data indicated that rate of vaccinations Biden was promising had already been 90% reached before Trump left office. So Biden admin was trying to steal credit for Trump's achievement with the aid of FakeNews CNN, and the dishonest left, all in the name of unity and healing. [19]
  • Texas AG Paxton pointed out that a lot of the Day-1 mandates (and promises for the future) already far exceeded the constitutional authority of the President, and he'd see them in court, often. He followed through with a lawsuit against Biden's restriction on deportation (in violation of immigration law). The President takes an oath to enforce the law -- not to undermine it or prevent them from carrying out their duties. [20]
  • Biden then tried to unite and heal us by re-instating a corrupt slush fund scam that stole and diverted $650 million from victims or taxpayers, to left-wing activist groups. According to the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), the Injustice Department was making settlement agreements where wrongdoers (in the minds of far left justice department) could direct their restitution payments / penalties not to the victims or taxpayers (general fund), but to Democrat operatives instead. [21]
  • Biden sought a 5 year extension to the SRART arms treaty as a gift to his Russian cronies for helping him get elected. The treaty does nothing to stop Russia from developing new Nuclear weapons, but it punishes us if we want to make any more of our older ones. [22]
  • More executive orders (and lies):
  1. Invade individual liberties to fix COVID by mandating masks on planes and buses and in airports -- something that had already been done on their own authority. Since Biden doesn't have the authority to do this, the executive order is pure show. He also demanded that travelers to show a negative coronavirus test before flying to the United States -- something that violates their health privacy rights and defies common sense. Right now the reliability rate on COVID testing is around 60% -- so if you fail, you can just take another, and up to 40% of people that pass could have it.
  2. Push taxpayer dollars into something that's already been done for nearly a year: direct more studies and trials of COVID-19 treatments.
  3. Push taxpayer dollars into something that's already been done for nearly a year: mandate more public data on cases and vaccinations when we already have data, and the problems that we have with the data are because of government's politically motivated distortions
  4. Push taxpayer dollars into something that's already been done for nearly a year: give guidance on school re-openings. If he's doing the same as has been done, then he's doing nothing. And if he's trying to do more than was done, then he's violating the 9th and 10th amendments by trying to back-door legislate school reopening's -- when that's the State, County, Schools and Parents choices, not Biden's
  5. Push taxpayer dollars into something that's already been done for nearly a year: direct the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to provide guidance for workplaces
  6. Push taxpayer dollars into politicizing/racially dividing us on COVID response... with a "COVID-19 Health Equity Task" -- Social Justice speak for giving some racial/ethnic communities special privileges and money at the sacrifice of all the others, based on their likelihood to vote Democrat.

Day 3

  • Mexico City policy is a rule that the U.S. wouldn't use government funding to sponsor abortions in other countries. Biden Administration announced they will repeal (on Jan 28th) this standard and to start using taxpayer dollars to murder babies in other countries. [23] Nothing says healing and unifying like robbing people to make them pay for something they are morally opposed to.
  • One of Biden's biggest campaign issues and promises was that how bad the Trump administration had botched the COVID pandemic by listening to the experts (who flip-flopped on positions). And how Joe the healer had a plan and was going to fix the pandemic on day-1, "shut down the virus”. His plan so far has been to write an executive order on masks that said, "Keep doing what you've been doing for 9 months" (wear masks), then admitted that he had been lying all along and there was nothing he could do to stop/slow it. [24]
    • Campaign Biden: "I'm going to shut down the country. I'm going to shut down the economy. I'm going to shut down the virus"
    • President Biden: "There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”
  • Removes "China Challenge" from website. This area was discussing real threats to global democracy and included inconvenient facts about the CCP regime’s “predatory economic practices, coercive tactics abroad, military aggression, disregard for human rights, environmental abuses, and undermining [of] global norms and values.” Similarly, the 5G-related page cautioned against the use of Chinese Communist Party-linked telecommunication firms such as Huawei and ZTE. There's another Trump EO that banned Chinese Companies from embedding their technology in our power grid: Biden reversed that. All those things were memory-holed in the Biden administration. The Chinese paid good money for Joe's protection, and he's paying them back. [25]
  • Biden forgets to salute the Marine's -- something Trump did always and well, showing respect to the service. While Joe was walking by some, he muttered, "Salute the Marines", but didn't do it. Everyone rational believes that he had a microphone in his ear, and they were giving him directions -- but instead of following them, he just repeated them like the senile puppet that he is. [26] To double down on failures of decorum, Jill tried to shake one's hand while he's on guard duty. If the Trump's had done anything like that, it have been on all the talk shows for a week.
  • Biden appointed Bagdad Bob (Jen Psaki) to handle the fawning water-carrying Press. While the Press is as effusively easy on her as they were caustic and abusive to Trump, she still got manhandled by the kid gloves:
  • In showing unity and healing, her first comments were barbs against the prior administration claiming this administration was going to bring truth back to the Whitehouse Press briefings, and a barb about the last administration being fit for office. (Great job healing by picking at the scab and salting it).
  • Then she took a few puff-piece questions, and botched those. Biden wasn't ignoring his own mask mandate (as she was giving the briefing without masks), he was just celebrating with family inappropriately -- a clause not put into his mandate was "Mask required on federal property... unless you're partying"
  • She hadn't spoken to the President about real riots in Washington, Portland and Denver... she had no comment on China’s human rights abuses against Uyghur or what they thought about Trump calling it a genocide... but she knew all about the imaginary insurrection and what they were doing to root out a handful of conspiracy theorist.
  • She didn't know whether FBI Director Christopher Wray would retain his post, or why the National Guard was kicked out to parking Garages, CNN had spread the administrations accidentally leaked lie that there was no COVID distribution plan -- and she couldn't handle questions about that.
  • In the end, she showed that there was no good communication between her and the President, as they had no responses to most questions asked (and she gave non-answers). Instead of the media pouncing and declaring how the administration appeared to be in disarray and not communicating with each other (like they would with Trump), or caustic follow-up questions, they just carried their water and pretended this was refreshingly different -- when it was their behavior that was different. Hypocrisy is very unifying and healing, to the left. [27]
  • More executive orders : [28]
  1. Give out taxpayer money for more food aid. Give out taxpayer money for in the form of checks.
  2. Remove de-regulation for federal workers and increasing the feds cost of labor and stick taxpayers with the bill. Promotes a $15 minimum wage and makes it harder to fire incompetent federal workers (Schedule F). In other words: make sure federal workers do less, but costs more.

Who benefits?

The U.S.'s enemies/opposition were giddy with delight. Our allies, not so much.

  • China and Iran were overjoyed with Trump's replacement by the already bought and easier duped Joe Biden. And the feckless Joe didn't even balk at China's attacks against American government (as long as they Republicans).
  • Since the Paris Climate agreement did nothing beneficial for America or the environment, but forced America to pay for others failures to be as green as we are, everyone else loved it. Only the American taxpayers are screwed.
  • Biden's Russian/Ukrainian benefactors were excited at the idea of more foreign energy dependence and higher energy costs that will come from cancelling the Keystone Pipline. While Canada was furious.
  • Israel was concerned over Biden moves to bundle West Bank and Gaza into Israeli Embassy interactions (Biden trying to reverse the progress on middle east peace that Trump had made by doing the opposite).
  • No wall, amnesty and open borders is a great way to undermine the working class in America, and reward illegal immigration
  • The Globalists in Europe that support Biden's America Last agenda of deferring our interests to those of our foes and frenemies alike. Of course our domestic enemies (Hollywood, Media and DNC) were also fawning and spiking the football. [29]
  • The Fawning FakeNews and Anti-American media? They wet themselves over how great all this is: nothing resembling Journalism going on there. But the sane know that if the left-wing media loves it, and the despise America (our history, our federalism, our exceptionalism, etc), then it's not a good thing for Americans.


So what does unity and healing look like to Democrats? Demagoguery, attacking your political enemies with trumped up charges, demonstrating hypocrisy and that the rules don't apply to your side. Americas enemies and frenemies alike were giddy, while our allies like Israel are concerned. All under the optics of using fake science to steal people's liberties, and turning our capital into a police state under the cover of intelligence threats that never came, while ignoring the violence that your side committed at your encouragement. It makes one either feel goose bumpy or goose steppy.


  • Day 1 - was a divisive failure for offering anything resembling unity or healing. Here's hoping Day 2 is better...
  • Day 2 -nope that was just lies and trying to politicize COVID response and take credit for things that Trump had already done. No unity or healing to be found.


If someone was trying to heal or unify the country, they might pick moderates, or someone from across the aisle. Nothing like that around Biden -- he picked as many radicals and misfits as he could find, and put them in jobs they were highly unqualified for. [30]

  • VP Harris was a far left lying whore that persecuted minorities for taking the recreational drugs she admits to taking freely -- and those were her best traits.
  • Xavier Becerra - health and human services secretary - former California Attorney General was picked for being Hispanic and has no discernible health leadership experience. [31]
  • Secretary of State: Antony Blinken - Obama lackey.
  • Attorney General: Merrick Garland - a career as a far left progressive jurist got him the Obama nomination for Supreme Court, but he was never voted on.
  • Secretary of Transportation: Pete Buttigieg – was former mayor of South Bend, Indiana -- known for failing to fix potholes and improve poor roads while there.
  • Ur Jaddou - Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - former director of a far left-pro-amnesty group (DHS Watch at America’s Voice) calling for open borders
  • Patrice Simms - Environmental Protection Agency - far left anti-Fossil Fuel fanatic previously worked for radical Earthjustice
  • Jeff Prescott - National Security Council - climate radical and progressive idiot, he supported the Iran nuclear deal
  • Kelly Magsamen - National Security Council - previously part of Center for American Progress, a far left fanatical site interested in dismantling American exceptionalism, piece by piece. She was against every step by Trump in the Middle East that lead to huge strides in peace in the area. Also was vocally against Trump's moves with North Korea, that also made more progress than the last 5 administrations combined.
  • Stephanie O’Sullivan - led intelligence transition team for Biden - supported abusing the anachronistic Logan Act to persecute General Flynn.
  • Linda Darling-Hammond - Department of Education - fanatical social justice and organized labor person who opposed merit pay for teachers, and quickly hired 4 people from the national teachers’ unions to fight against the American students in favor of the unions/teachers.
  • White House Chief of Staff: Ronald Klain - known for being Janet Reno's chief of staff -- Reno is known for being the worst AG in history. Even Bill Clinton admitted she was the worst cabinet pick he'd made.


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Joe Biden
(D) Vice President and Presidential Candidate - claimed, "Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door". Someone's been watching too many cowboy westerns: it isn't going through a modern solid door, and you'd be breaking the law by doing it, especially if you hit someone (like the child on the other side). He went on to repeat variants of this stupidity (showing he's slow to learn). It's not all Democrat gun opinions that are wrong, it's just the 95% that give the rest a bad name.