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The Muppets were once iconic, innocent puppets, saying silly/naive things, that were cute and adorable. Then Jim Henson died, Disney acquired the franchise and tried to make them woke little Social Justice Warriors. And shock of shock, Parents slowed the rate of taking their kids to see them -- and kids didn't want to watch sanctimonious little know-it-alls, any more than adults. Ratings tanked. They failed in theaters. Then failed on TV. By politicizing them, they ruined them. If they try to reboot back to what they once were, both of their current snowflake fans will lose their minds over their new/old identities. And if they don't, then they're more like a going to school indoctrination than being entertained. So bye-bye muppets, you're only for meme's and mocking, unless Disney sells the rights to a better curator, or they wait it out, and reboot it back to something more fun and less preachy.


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Written 2018.06.02