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When you compare the U.S.'s poor to the rest of the world, they're middle class or rich:

  • The global median per person income is $2,920 (or $9K/household). A full time minimum wage worker would be nearly 5 times that amount ($14,500) and less than 2% of American workers are full time minimum wage, assuming you only have one worker per family. Now throw in benefits and subsidies (≈$30K in benefits per family we spend on "the poor" that jumps to $44,500 or 15x what the global average is). 4/5ths of the world doesn't make $20K/year.
  • Our poor eat more meat (and calories), larger living spaces (sq ft per person), higher car and TV ownership, and so on.
  • Our poor don't look as rich, because we give them most of their "compensation" in non-cash, or cash equivalents (handouts that aren't cash). But when you adjust for cost of living, and purchasing power, they are better off than the middle class in most of the rest of the world. (Seriously).
  • Our poor and middle americans ARE the top 2%'ers, a fact that escapes most of them. Mostly because they're programmed with polarizing dogma so they can be used as pawns in political game. But imagine if they recognized how much opportunity they had, and how many more would climb harder?

There's more details on these in:

Income inequality, vanishing middle class, and other scams
There’s a bunch of meme’s and soundbites going around where politicians love to point out the disappearing middle class (income inequality), and how we need them to fix it. There’s only a few problems with that:
  1. It’s a lie that plays to people’s ignorance and greed
  2. History always looks better from a distance (and if you don’t look too closely)
  3. It’s prestidigitation to distract you while they pick your pockets

This article details why this is a fraud, and how they give ammo to the frauds and flimflam the gullible. more...


We have the richest poor in the world. Having done a fair amount of social work (and being in many "poor people's" homes on cases). Many of our poor struggle over issues like whether they should drop their cable TV or go out a few times a week less. While much of the rest of the world's poor is struggling with buying shoes or getting up to 2 meals a day. more...


Johnson's "War on Poverty" had welfare as the front line. Welfare paid people to not work, not get married, and have/keep kids out of wedlock -- and it punished people that tried to get off of it. Shocker of shockers, you get what you incentivize, and welfare got more people to not work, have kids out of wedlock, and it hurt the kids, families, and society at large. Once trapped in programs hard to get out of, the dependency class resented the masses for not giving more, and the masses resented them back for being irresponsible: it drove the wedge between the classes far deeper and divided us more than ever before. Poverty, single parenthood, gangs and crime went UP tearing the fabric of society, despite trillions of dollars poured into it. But the important part is the left won the votes of the gullible (like Chickens voting for Colonel Sanders). more...


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