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Once considered the paragon of a fair Journalist, history shows how partisan and biased he was all along: 4 items

  • 2019.01.27 Hispanics and Conservatives - While Brokaw was on NBC (Meet the Press) and was making a ignorant and bigoted barb at Republicans (that they fear having brown grand-babies), and repeating a fallacy/FakeNews (the Mexicans are all Democrats), he accidentally told the truth about Mexicans and all immigrants (they should try to assimilate more), and suffered a shit-storm and was forced to apologize for the latter. The former was the real bigotry and insult to viewers... and ignored by the defenders of virtue.
  • 2018.04.26 MeToo - Brokaw denies the accusations by 3 women of unwanted sexual advances (one in 1968, two in the 1990s). Former colleagues Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Maria Shriver, among the 64 Women that signed a letter saying Brokaw is "a man of tremendous decency and integrity", under the theory if he didn't harass them, then he didn't harass anyone else. Megyn Kelly (acting like a journalism) pointed out the tautology, "you don't know what you don't know".
  • 2015.12.08 Muslim Ban - After a series of coordinate Paris Terrorist attacks, the San Bernardino attack, and various other islamic extremist attacks, during the campaign, Candidate Trump says we should consider a temporary Muslim ban until our leaders can figure out how to address the crisis. After elected and consulting with lawyers, he does a far more moderate thing. Before doing journalism (interviewing and asking what does he mean), NBC (Tom Brokaw) spun the story with half truths and compared this to various leftist atrocities (without offering that context). Trump's implementation (a couple years later) was just to require extreme vetting from a list of countries that the Obama administration flagged as being unable to effectively vet people from. Oh the horror. The left and FakeNews continue to call this a Muslim ban anyways, not letting truth get in the way of their agenda.
  • 1996.07.27 Richard Jewell - CNN regurgitated NBC (Tom Brokaw) misnaming "Jewel was a person of interest in the Atlanta Olympic Bombing". Jewell sued, and they eventually settled (for $500K) in the libel and slander suit. But that's what fake news looks like -- getting so far ahead of the story that you're no longer in sight of the truth.


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