Transgender and Chickens

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Child to mother: I'm a chicken, and if there's one thing us chickens know, it's how to self-identify. Mother to child: that's absurd. You have no beak, no feathers, you don't lay eggs and you don't like bird seed. Child to mother: you're wrong, I know I'm a chicken. Mother to therapist: help me out here. Therapist to mother: You're the one arguing with a chicken.

Welcome to what therapy and education brings to the new transgender craze.

Welcome to what therapy and education brings to the new transgender craze.

Remember, there is a small percent (mostly boys) that have gender dysphoria. This manifests early in life, and while most "grow out of it", some are afflicted for life. I'm not talking about those sufferers (and I only have empathy for their malady).

I'm talking about the 70 fold increase in the last decade of rapid-onset transgendered girls, mostly manifesting in their teens, and out of the blue. And coming with never wanting to be the other gender completely, but wanting to be something else. (e.g. androgynous looking but with girly tattoos. Not trying to fit in as the other gender, but stand out as special).

The systems that were designed to help the former, may be hurting or causing the latter. Including body mutilation, sterilization and magnifying instead of helping the underlying psychological disorders.

Like many crazes (psychological fads) that have hit before (think eating disorders, depression, ADHD, multiple personality disorder, autism, etc), it seems that these things come in huge waves -- that ebb and flow. And mask the true sufferers, under a tidal wave of copy-cats or over-diagnosis. Not based on a sudden surge in the malady, but based on the sudden surge in exposure and diagnosis. Which shows that they are not inherent (nature), but there is at least a social element (nurture) fueling SOME of the shifts.

We know that culture influences these things... and we know that when we try to address a stigma, we tend to overreach as a society and instead create a lure to diagnose (and sometimes overmedicate). And that's what the trans craze has become, that's fueling and encouraging kids to self-mutilate and self-sterilize to be special. It's like having a tattoo or earring in the 80's - insta-cool, if you just commit hard enough.

The institutions are so busy trying to prevent these folks from suffering (or suicide) under the discomfort of their malady, that they are encouraging copy-cats, and every teen that is uncomfortable with their body and changing identity, that maybe they're trans, and maybe transitioning will cure the anxiety and frustrations they are trying to cope with in life. Which just increases or defers the suffering and suicides until a little later in life. And shifts the rationalizations from being unable to accept who they are... to being more angry at themselves for the self harm and body mutilation and still not being able to accept who they are. (Appeasing the symptoms is not a cure)

It seems converting their social awkwardness or things that are wrong with them, into something that makes them special and a social stand-out is a strong lure -- and an outsized number of kids are following that path. Often with the encouragement or suggestion of therapists and educators. Gay feelings or a girl crush, is manifest of being trans. Tom boy nature: trans. Feeling like you don't fit in: trans. Wish you didn't have debilitating cramps and periods: trans. Things the majority of these kids have in common:

  • Progressive and sheltering moms/parents (that often believe parenting is about being your child's best friend)
  • Awkward kids with OCD, Autism, cutting, or Social/Anxiety disorders
  • History of therapy, often before this new issue ever manifests
  • In a clique where the majority of kids have also become special / LGBTQ en mass.
  • Gen-Z

It isn't a lack of psychological care or support that causes the problem, evidence hints that it's the opposite. Over-indulgence, or presuming that one is trans, just reenforces it.

Sadly, the vast majority are like kids that get large ear gauges or facial tattoos... while it gives them confidence during the fad, they are left with the long term body damage that goes along with the psychology patronizing of their delusion. Love the swastika tattoo between your eyes Charlie, that's going to help you in your career as a pastor.

My problem is not with the kids: but with the exploiters willing to go along and pretend they're a chicken.


Real gender dysphorics know they are not the other sex. They also know they can't really fit in, and that society is going to be hard on them because they can't really fit in. Many understand that body mutilation can't change what they are, and that they aren't going to be happy just because they transition. It is a lifetime of angst about not fitting in, or fitting in their body. It's a horrible diagnosis. I want to hug them and tell them that they are loved anyways... except that seems to demean or diminish their suffering too.

While many transgendered kids and enablers, don't understand that it's not a hate crime to recognize their biology or "misgender" them. (Even if they are offended or it is "rude"). It is absurd of them to think that all of society will adapt to their psychosis and not pushback -- and they are outraged and unable to cope with that, and it seems many bigger things in life, since they are expecting and demanding that everyone go along with them. (Instead of the sorrowful acceptance that goes along with knowing that can never happen). The bigger problems for them are in them not addressing their underlying issues, so they can be comfortable (and not melt down) in a society where a significant percent of the people are always going to be assholes. Learning to cope with that, is far more important to their future mental wellbeing, than demanding everyone go along with the self diagnosis and clucking.

Meanwhile, the trans advocates are willing to sacrifice them (let them have a more miserable life: demanding conformity with their delusion), as long as they are tools in their crusade to guilt or change society - rather than teach the sufferers how to cope in a world where their malady is incurable, accept that they have a mental disorder, and that this is NOT the rest of societies fault.


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Transphobia literally means the unreasonable fear towards all trans-people. What it does not mean is what the left is trying to corrupt the term into: any dislike or prejudice of any trans person or policy. Someone not liking any perv being able to claim they associate as a woman to use the bathroom with their little girls or wives is not necessarily transphobic. Nor is one that has a problem with M2F trans athletes destroying Women's sports necessarily a transphobe. There's nuances and complexities that are beyond the willingness of activists to explore, when you give them the cudgel of political correctness and a hate-label.