Trudeau on Assault Weapons

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Canada has a new gun grab:

  • Based on no stated evidence that this will help, Canada's Prime Minister has decided to ignore the #1 guns used in mass shootings (pistols) and ban rifles with cosmetic features that scare the ignorant...
  • Of course their police and military can still have them to use on civilians.
  • There is no actual qualification for "assault" weapon, or military style weapon -- traditionally that means black plastic instead of wood, and smaller/weaker rounds. They'll define that later. It sounds like they want to ban all rifles with removable magazines... but that gets fuzzy legally. So I'm thinking it'll be banning any models they don't like, based on arbitrary criteria. "I'll know it when I see it".* The excuse for this was the Novia Scotia shooting, where an unlicensed shooter had bought illegal weapons, so both the weapon and the shooter was already banned from buying, owning or using the weapons in question. Thus this power grab does nothing to help with actual mass shootings, it's strictly retaliatory against legal guns and gun owners that had nothing to do with it, because liberty must be punished for the failure of the government to protect its citizens.


  • They will steal owners property at some future date, but they promise some sort of compensation (e.g. 2 years to sell/trade or turn in whatever guns they define - to be defined later).
  • And there may be a grandfathering clause, to be defined later.
  • This wasn't done through the legal process, but circumvented it via an "Order" from the executive branch. E.g. this law is nothing but an announcement that they are going to violate civil rights, because Canada doesn't recognize property rights or the right of defense as a civil right.

In America, this would have violent consequences. Fortunately for Trudeau, the sheep will comply.

🗒️ NOTE:
9 of the 22 victims died in fires the man had set, while the rest were shot... I hear next that they're going to limit matches, lighters, and rubbing sticks together will be tightly controlled.


Justin Trudaeu
Justin Trudeau... the Obama of Canada. He mocks them by existing and getting elected. Examples: Memes-Trudeau