Trump: Russian Puppet

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Manchurian Candidate

What we know:

  1. Despite almost 2 years of investigating, there's no evidence of Trump's direct contact with the Russians. Certainly the business ties were tenuous, and efforts to have direct meetings were rebuffed for Candidate Trump.
  2. We have hard evidence of Hillary having direct contact with the Russians over Uranium One, which resulted in millions getting funned to the Clinton Foundation
  3. We hard evidence of Obama having direct contact with the Russians.

But the best we have on Trump is some weak contacts to some of the people in his campaign, who were often fired early, or whose meeting offers were rejected. Unlike deals closed by Hillary and Obama. And if he's a Russian asset, don't we think we'd see some evidence of it? The evidence we have is of the Hillary campaign conspiring to invent the excuse for why she lost, was because, "Russia", and her lapdogs in the media went where she pointed. That's far more plausible and far more evidence than of Trump being a Russian operative.



Obama got caught on tape in 2012 pledging to Putin directly that he'd have “more flexibility” after his re-election. And later, Obama colluded with the Russia directly to get the Iranian Nuclear Deal via obstructing the prosecution of Abdallah Safieddine, someone known to have killed Americans.

Obama Ties

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