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FakeNews CBS 60 minutes, infamous for Dan Rather's discredited Bush National Guard smear right before his second term election, did it again. They attacked Trump and falsely tried to fact check him and do a smear piece, with Leslie Stahl having a hostile authoritative interview claiming “we can't just let you say false things”, while they sat on their hands while Joe flat out lied about the laptop and Kamala Harris told 4 known lies in a single reply, to no challenges/follow-ups.


During Trump's interview, Stahl interrupted him many times, claimed "that wasn't true" (when it was), repeated DNC talking points (like a gotcha where Trump once said some of the things said by the "experts" were idiots wrt/economics, and it didn't exclude Faucci -- but Stahl repeats it like the DNC would, out of context, and misleading). Stahl played the role of DNC moderator instead of just shutting up and letting the President speak.


  • She kept trying to get Trump to admit the Division that happened since Bush/Obama (and was lead by Antifa/BLM/and other DNC fronts) was Trump's fault, a question they NEVER ask of the Democrats when they are the ones that have been responsible for most of it
  • She refused to accept known fact that the Obama campaign spied on Trump, which is well documented.
  • She refused to talk about Hunter's laptop because "it can't be verified", when they had no problem talking about Russiagate, or other things against Trump that were not only never verified, but later proven false.
  • She refused to accept any point about the economic achievements before COVID, or the state of the recovery
  • She made false claims that Trump would lock Biden and Whitmer up. The President doesn't have the authority to lock people up. Of course that doesn't stop some like FDR or Obama from pressuring them to do so illegally. But there's no evidence Trump has done either.

After 20 minutes, the President was done anyways and didn't give them the walk and talk shots they wanted, and threatened to offer up his recordings if they slander-cut him as they have in the past. Trump then released his side of the Interview (both sides uncut). 60 minutes aired the piece with them talking over parts of the interview to try to justify their bias or the drama that they created. It wasn't an interview but a hit piece. Now let's contrast that the Biden/Harris.


When asked about Hunter Biden's laptop, Biden pointed out that the intelligence community has “warned” that the laptop was being “fed disinformation from the Russians" and then shrugged off the story about his son as “a smear campaign.” Except that Russian disinfo story was debunked, the FBI and NDI both said that wasn't true (this is a valid laptop and no one disagrees these are valid incriminating emails), Hunter hadn't picked it up because it had been subpoenaed under a money-laundering investigation, he has since asked for it back, and the email and photos have been validated by witnesses.

No follow up questions or Pressure from the DNC operatives at 60 minutes. That's not journalism to try to bury the biggest corruption stories in a Presidential Candidate in our nation's entire History.


In one answer Kamala said that Trump was a racist because of (1) Birthirism (something the Hillary Campaign created, and Trump did to Ted Cruz too), (2) Charlottesville “fine people.” hoax, long-debunked (3) “Mexicans” were rapists and criminals when Trump was referring to illegal aliens in our prisons (4) “Muslim ban” that excluded most Muslim countries and included non-Muslim ones.

No pushback, interruptions or fact-checking, or claiming "we can't let you tell lies" from 60 minutes. Either 60 minutes doesn't know the basic facts... or was applying double standards to rig an election, again.


This isn't about whether you like Trump or not, it is about Social Justice: do we apply the same standards of justice regardless of party.

Remember, Trump released the entire video of the Interview, or 60 minutes would have hacked up the Interview worse and pretended that it was fair and he was unhinged. So Trump did the right thing, and the contention between this President and the Press, is 100% exemplified in hatchet jobs like far-left Stahl and 60 minutes tried to do.


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