Trump and Brexit

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Headline in the Progressive Rag the UK's New Statesmen (by Ian Leslie), June of 2016, 🔮"Calm down. Trump won’t be President – and Britain won’t leave the EU". A twofer in a headline, the article even elucidated more clearly on how clueless the progressive left is.

Bad Predictions
Bad Predictions.jpg

Not all bad predictions are by progressives or the left. But people are resistant to change, and progressives want change -- so in order to get change, they need to sensationalize problems and paint a utopic picture of what the solutions will be like. Whereas if you're conservative and want lesser change, or things to stay the same, you don't need to hype problems and can be skeptical (moderate) about solutions. Plus, conservatives are more cynical and look for ways that things can go wrong, thus negative predictions (about Unintended Consequences) are more likely to be on target. Thus the vast majority of bad predictions come from the left. more...


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